What should be done to wraith?

A lot of people say wraith is OP others say she’s balanced, so I made this thread to get some opinions on what should be done to “balance” her. (You guys know the rules so have fun :smiley:)

She needs to be fast and have low armor again.

She needs to be a glass cannon.


Just play Hyde.

He’s super effective vs Wraith.

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But how will she survive against a laz if she has low armour? she won’t be able to camp the body or else she’ll lose alot of health.

But I totally agree with you on her speed, she’s an assassin not a brawler abilities like abduction and decoy should be changed to suit her play style.

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What to be done about the wraith?

Wraith is perfectly balanced


#Leave wraith alone ;_;
Except her traversal.


No…we must kill it.

Fix her traversal and then let’s find out.

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Wraith, who killed 95% of the playerbase on Steam.
I suggest we should remove her from the game!

She needs to be faster…

That invisible anvil has been holding her down for too long.



Haha, I was joking!

Sorry, she’s just my fav monster and I don’t want her to be ruined, here’s a kitten for you :smiley:


I thought the whole point of wraith was to be a “glass cannon.” Huge damage output vs low health and armor. The balance needs to be spot on. If not the monster will be too weak or too strong. Small buffs and nerfs would be highly advised. Ex. 5% increase/descrease to one ability, attack, cooldown or overall health/armor changes the game a lot at the highest level of monster and hunter players.

Whats wrong with wraith?

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I disagree with leaving her alone but her traversal needs to be fixed fast.

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YES! My goodness, I’ve been wondering when the next hotfix or patch will be!

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March 2016. Kappa.

Kidding, kidding, don’t hurt me.

Wraith seem fine, to me, except her flee’till stage three buff which I felt was unnecessary.
A decent Wraith can use the Decoy as a body shield, coupled with her speed and huge armor bar to avoid most of the damage in an even hunter favored dome with no loops in it.