What should a peace sign be in Evolve for the monster?


I dont know about it. It is probebly a stupid idia but, once in a while when i beat a hunter team i want to play a bit with the last member before they respawn. But 90% of the time they dont get it.

I know this game isnt a RPG game like Dragon Age but its for those who feel the same way.

A example is like Team fortress 2’s tuants, they are ment to humiliate the enemy and cuase rage, but sometimes some use them to just RPG a bi even if it is a FPS game.

In a open chat game it isnt needed but like in quickplay or Evac (As if anyone plays it anymore but still there may be a few) .

To make it shorter if you aprove what should a monster do to show a truce? I know crouching usually does it in other games but in Evovle it most likely means he is gonna pounce.

If you think it is stupid then dont waste your breath you are not doing anyone a favor but if you must rage then who am i to stand in the way.


This is a competitive FPS, not RPG. Don’t think many people would like to engage in this.


What exactly do you mean by " medic/trapper try to role play"?

Like what he should do?

I dont quite understand


He’s talking about roleplaying, acting out a little story in his head or something.


But like what ? O.o Like Griffing jetpacking up and doing 720’ and shooting harpoon to the tree?


This is a really bad idea.

Evolve has no place in the roleplaying genre and I doubt you’ll be finding a lot of players who will want to roleplay with you in Evolve.

Yeah… don’t do that. It’s only roleplaying if both parties agree to it and consider it fun.
What you’re doing to these Hunters however is nothing more than trolling.


I have never ropeplayed before… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I corrected the title.

This is exactly how I would take it during a match. I would feel like the monster is trolling us.


Goliath and Wraith engaging in a rope play. 50 Shades of Shear.


“I’ll abduct your rock throw!”


Im gonna retype the title to make it more clear


You say potato, I say griefing.


Peace sign for the last man standing better be like: Hey you, catch the rock!