What role DONT you prefer?


I can play support, medic and assault fine. But the role I least prefer would be trapper. Sure, I’m a decent trapper, but I just don’t like the responsibility of the role itself. Not only that, I’m not too fond of any of the trappers play styles. None of them really do it for me. I like the melee ability of Lennox, sunny’s versatility as support, Slims support with the spores and combat medic play style but none of the trappers really do it for me.


I can and will play any role, but I’d have to say that my least favorite is Assault. Trapper is right there next to it, though. If I had to rank my favorite classes from most to least, I’d go with…

1: :medic:

2: :monster:

3: :support:

4: :trapper:

5: :assault:






My favorite

  1. Hank
    Favorite ability : Shield projectile

My least preferred is Monster but it’s My most time played . I play monsters normally because I don’t want to play with bad hunters in pubs . I like to have a control over win/lose

My favorite monster attack : Supernova <3
Favorite pounce : Behemoth


1: :monster:

2: :assault:

3: :support:

4: :medic:

5: :trapper:


Trapper is my least favorite as well but I don’t mind playing any role.


I’ll play any role, but that’s generally how my preference is set. :slight_smile:


honestly lately playing anything but medic is out of my comfort zone, because i feel i just don’t play my part as good as i should when i’m not medic. i guess i’m okay with support and trapper but then i feel this huge pressure on me for some reason and it makes me perform bad. assault though, i just fucking suck at. you don’t want me on assault. i don’t want me on assault.


I’m so sorry if I join anybody’s game that’s in progress and the only character is assault.

I…am so sorry.

Gif representation of what my assault play looks like


switch Support and Medic and mine is the exact opposite of yours :slightly_smiling:


With the exception of Cabot or Kala I always have support as my 5th.

  1. Monster
  2. Medic
  3. Trapper
  4. Assault
  5. Support


I’ve only played monster for ages but I always had fun with Sunny, Cabot, and Torvald back in the day. I still feel like I’m playing the medic in TF2 when I use Val so she was always my fav medic lol.


CAn’t play support for the life of me


I like all the classes, but Assault is my least preferred class (actually, I really don’t like Monster that much. I’ll play Bob, though). Just gets boring when your only job is shoot, dodge, shoot some more, and I’m also not that great at it. I enjoy having that responsibility of healing or protecting that the other three classes have.



1: :trapper:
2: :medic:
3: :monster:
4: :support:
5: :assault:

It changes all the time though. :blush:


If I’m left with Medic or Assault in Ranked, it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss.

I know how to play them, but I’ve barely got any practice on them and I can’t play them to their full potential due to my computer sucking balls.

Monster? Forget it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Support (all) and Trapper (all but Griffin) are the only ones I trust myself on.

  1. Monster
  2. Assault
  3. Trapper
  4. Support
  5. Medic


I cant play Support.

I am the worst support player in Evolve history.


I like playing all the roles. My least preferred, least played, and what I generally am worst at is Medic. Though I’ve elited 3 of the 6 characters in the class…


Why don’t we have a poll of who we have as least preferred?

Most preferred to least:

  1. Monster

  2. Assault/Medic

  3. Trapper

  4. Support

Not that I’m a bad Support but I just prefer it the least.


Trapper! So boring to me. D: