What Role Do You Play Most and Why?


So i would like to know what you people are playing , why you play them and how ( perks and skill points for monster ) since Stage 2 is released :slight_smile: !? I did main the Gorgon until lvl 40 and did enjoy it alot ! sadly havent played hunter much yet :stuck_out_tongue:



Becuase I love the 1v4 aspect of it… my strategy vs a team comp… thats… just incredible.


Torvald, because he’s Torvald. :wink:


Kala, I mean hey, what monster needs armor! Plus I get to feel like im playing Portal at the same time.


I play Assault mostly and I love playing Hyde

He is powerful (But not OP) and the weapons sound cool plus I love his personality. Yes @ToiletWraith I love playing Hyde

Also I’m going to change the title to be more with the post :slight_smile:


Started out playing monsters and I still play monsters when given the choice, Gorgon / Wraith (even when they were both garbage) > Goliath / Meaty > Kraken / Kelder right now, we’ll see when Bob gets unleashed. I play hunters when the dice falls that way, generally assaults or supports and usually Lennox and Bucket.


@Buznik who the hell is meaty and bob xD ? have been playing since the original Evolve did release and never did hear those names :stuck_out_tongue:
Im currently trying to find a new hunter or monster i would like to play :confused: as for monster i was thinking about Kelder and Behemoth
And for hunters i was thinking about Sunny and Kala for Support , Lazarus or Emet for healer , Hyde for Assault and traper i have no plan at all , would like to play jack but he seems kinda underwhelming :confused: his gloves have a short duration , and his beacon seems kinda useless since the new hunter skill is here ( planetary scan )


Meteor Goliath and Behemoth respectively :smile:


Meaty = Meteor Goliath
Bob = Behemoth


Well I main!..

Oh nvm i’ll leave.


@SQUARENecron you can still say your opinion :o but i think there have been a few changes at Stage 2 so i like to be up to date


I’m doing the challenges, so I pick whatever the challenge wants me to. :smiley:


@MacMan Hehe , i do the challenges as well but i want to level up some hunters and monsters to LVL 40 , my so called 'main’s ’ but its hard to find something suiting that i would like , i tried a few but i know that Kala is nice but you need a good team for her :s and that is kinda luck based …


Well in legacy my favorite roll is trapper. I like being the guy that enables the team to do their job. Well that and I get more/better domes then about anybody i’ve played with. But with the changes coming, I think i’m going to start maining assault or support.


Probably Kala or Torvald


Trapper, mostly as Abe at the moment.

Cause I always liked to play as trapper and have an important role against the monster rather than shooting at his face.

Most teams appreciate having me as a trapper, and I sure as hell make their job easier.


Abe has been my main since the beginning of time. Slim, shortly after. But my favorite Monster is Bob.


I play assault the most cause I love killing monsters (:<

I love playing Torvald but my favorites are Hyde and Dankov.

After that I play trapper, well actually I play Abe so not really the trapper class lol.

My favorite monster of all time is wraith. I shouldn’t play monster though…brings out the salt demon.


My main is Bob, but right now my main is goliath since Bob is not enabled yet.


Monster, because whenever @skills4u2envy and I play together we play with Noobs that don’t want to learn and when I play Monster I get put against Founder lvl 25 Premades.