What recording software are you using?


Desktop or game recorded.
I want sth that is number one priority- free, can save videos in multiple formats (or just sth that can save your videos so you can open them in editing program, there is some software that just keeps the recording and you can upload it straight to YT, I don’t want that).

If I ever will, I can handle mic recording with Audacity so that’s bottom of the list.

I’m asking bcs I want to eventually record bug that I kept encuntering and it would be nice having a footage of them.
Also if I encounter cheaters, that may be helpful.

Thanks for the help.


ShadowPlay/Elgato HD 60


Shadowplay if you own a Nvidia card. 3.9Gb size limit, over that and the video will be automatically recorded into a new file. mp4 format and you cannot change that if I am not mistaken. Minimal performance hit.


Dxtory, which gives fantastic quality at minimal cost.

OBS can work if you only want something free.


How does it’s license work?
I srsly can’t understand the person who wrote that…


Elgato. Gonna get the newer one whenever I manage to get myself a decent rig, though.


You pay for it once. The creator is Japanese, but the software itself is well translated.
It’s definitely worth the money.

If you decide to get it, this is how you set it up.


Thx everyone in this case.