What?!?!?!? [Q about 5th monster rumour]


So twice in the youtuber Grizzle Marine and some other guy they both said there was a shape shifting monster. has anyone else heard those rumors?


It’s a popular rumor that is all.


i wonder what attacks it could have. i guess it would depend on how it looks for the traversal moovement. see what i did there


To be fair, they did talk about a monster that could shapeshift into wildlife in an early build, but it was scrapped due to having to create tons of extra animations for all the wildlife in the game.


aww man but would still be awesome to go even stealthier than wraith.

if i could turn into wildlife i would probably go with the marsh strider, they run away and you can find a group to blend in with also they are non- aggressive.


Grizzle Marine also said he had ‘’‘inside info’’’ on Behemoth :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t trust anything about unknown features unless it’s from a dev/the mod team or from a gaming site that isn’t gonna create articles as clickbait.


he actually does now if you watch his latest vid he has permission to do that stuff from 2k


No, no shapeshifting, just the ORRION TERRORSAUR.


what’s that?!?!




Read this, (and further down the thread) if that doesn’t help, ask me further questions, (probably via message)


oh yea i remember i heard that dialog just didn’t hear him say that i guess lol thx


Anytime. :bucket_salute: