What Pokemon type would you be?


Okay, listen up maggots. If u were a Pokemon type what, what would it be. Note that u can have 1 type or 2 types at the same time. Also, it has to be an existing type, so no fake types such as light or sound…even though I personally would love to have them become real types

Questions from @ROOST_er

Flying and Psychic

(although I LOVE Electric and Grass as well)


Personality-wise, Snorlax.
I’d be one of those rare female ones because once I’m asleep, I’m asleep, and there’s no waking me. Unless you make bacon.

I took this survey: http://www.playbuzz.com/brieannaw10/which-pokemon-type-are-you


You are a ball of energy, but where you place that energy is to your own! You may place it in your favorite hobbies, learning a language, or even shopping. Whatever the case, you are always on the go. Sometimes it’s hard to place your energy at any given time, and that can be dangerous. You may have fits of rage… or fits of laughter… and sometimes you just want to sit down and cry.

Only special people understand you, and that’s okay. You have the most fun at whatever you do, and of course you go to the extremes. There is no grey area, and that’s hard to explain.

Electric & Dark. If your energy isn’t placed in a positive light, it might even be placed in angered requisitions. You might use sarcasm a lot, or tell dirty jokes. But that’s okay! It just adds flavor to life.


No I said Pokemon type



Dark. Pure dark.


Fire + Flying type.
If not unknown.


What do u mean by ore


Why u say unknown?


You know, the type Unknown… Cuz it’s cool.


I remember now


I wanna be bucket type…can bucket be a type?

If not I will be dark and ghost…no weakness :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see if you could guess. :smiley:


No bucket type sorry


Dark Type

10 char


All of them.


#10/10 : D
</need to be more descriptive apparently.


So normal for u


I know my words, bitch XD


Steel. Right? @Reinheardt


I gues I would be dragon/fire