What podcasts do you listen to?


After seeing the topic about favorite YouTubers, I was inspired to make this post.

I listen to possibly an ungodly amount of podcasts every week while walking about campus and driving (probably an average of nine hours of audio). I’m interested to see if any of you listen to podcasts, which are your favorite, and what attracts you to them. Here are mine, and some of my reasons for listening:

The Super Best Friend Cast!: The podcast for my favorite YouTubers (though I watch them almost exclusively on Vessel now). This is one of the only ones I have listened to every episode of. They’re a bunch of regular scrub lords that give me plenty of laughs and company.

Giant Bombcast: I warmed up to this one later, I believe it was my second regular one. I mostly just enjoy their smooth manly voices and the hilarity that is Jeff Gerstman and Dan Ryckert.

Idle Thumbs: Probably my second favorite podcast. Totally found on a whim, as it is hosted in part by some of the writers of TellTale’s The Walking Dead season 1. I really enjoy this one because of its educated and also quirky talks on games and art.

Giant Beastcast: Didn’t feel like it was necessary to check out at first since it’s essentially “Giant Bomb East”, but I ended up really enjoying the different personalities. They truly won me over with their recent Christmas episode in which they played a table top RPG, “Fiasco.” Extremely funny, highly recommend a listen there.

Idle Weekend: The newest of the podcasts I listen to. It’s an offshoot of Idle Thumbs after one of their regular hosts, Danielle Riendeu (probably butchered that) left. I really appreciated her voice on Thumbs because A.) She was the only female on all of these podcasts and B.) She is very intelligent, well spoken, and thoughtful and provides unique perspectives, I feel. Thankfully after her departure, she started this podcast, and it has proven to be another intelligent and thoughtful podcast on games and art. I’d highly recommend this one, as well as Thumbs, for just about anybody.

Feel free to share yours :)!


Co-optional and that’s it for me.


I am a special snowflake and don’t watch podcasts


I don’t even know what they are for


Star Talk
Last podcast on the left
Round Table of Gentlemen

Eventually I wanna dive into:
This American Life
Welcome to the Nightvale


Co-optional is the only one. Mainly cause TB and the crew are great. Also


I listen to Stuff You Should Know, TechStuff, Podcast Unlocked (Ryan McCaffrey is a god among game journalists), and The Stuff of Life. I used to listen to many others, but have narrowed down or they have been discontinued.


I listen to Shane and Friends :stuck_out_tongue:


Disappointed to hear you don’t listen to the super best friends! I always thought you were a fan based on your profile picture.


The joe rogan experience?


I watch some of their regular vidoes, but not their podcast.
Co-optional uploads theirs to youtube so it’s so very easy to access.


Gotcha :slight_smile: it’s nice to meet another person that knows them, haha.

They upload it to their site, so you could listen to it there, but I gotcha. If I didn’t have an iPhone, I wouldn’t listen to many podcasts if any.


It’s really good.


Ehhhh I don’t really listen to podcasts any more but I used to listen to

Wait wait don’t tell me (still kinda listen to it but not much)

Elder Scrolls Off The Record(because of the old ESO hype, then stopped once ESO came out)

Nowadays I kinda listen to Science Friday. It’s the only one I listen to with any form of regularity tbh.


I’ve heard!

Last Podcast gets me my horror/crime/conspiracy fill with all the absurd comedy that gets thrown in. Tons of weird stuff and some whacky hosts.


@Maximumlimit15 Haha, to each their own, Mr. Snowflake.

@Crow Different things. I originally started them because of my favorite YouTube group. Then I expanded to other video game podcasts and found ones I liked based on either personality or discussion. There’s a heck of a lot more kinds out there, though.

@Crowdalra Multiple mentions of this Co-Optional I see… I may have to add yet another podcast to my list! What kind of stuff do they do?

@AuroraSymphony Hmm, what’s this Podcast Unlocked one like? If this games journalist is that good, I may be interested! And I feel you, I used to listen to Joystiq’s podcast then… Well.

@Trollogrefey I get you, I listened to Fallout Off the Record pretty frequently until release. I’m only now getting back to it.


I used to watch Source_TV’s Krakerino Podcast… but it’s no more. :sob:
Also, I missed it last week, but I will definitely be listening to the Evolve PubCast. :slightly_smiling:


I liked them well enough, but I got disinterested once it came out since it was my hype that was keeping me there.

Eh, not gonna go back but I remember those times fondly :slight_smile:


Podcast Unlocked is a tad more focused on the Xbox One, but games are usually multiplatform. They talk about everything in the industry and Ryan McCaffrey is incredibly knowledgeable and I hold him in high regard. I don’t know very many people I respect as much as him.


Here’s a link if you want to watch it. The mostly went over balance changes and Kala, but wanted to keep it to only 1 hour so no Elder Kraken discussion.