What platform was the interactive trailer played on?


Can anyone tell me if the gameplay showed on the interactive trailer was played on a ps4 xbox one or pc? Thanks in advance


My guess is that it was on PC. That was pretty good-looking footage, and developers rarely showcase other platforms vs. PC because the PC footage tends to give a better impression overall. The only exception I can think of is Titanfall.

Anyway, the point is that it was most likely shot on PC.


duno the sniper seemed like he played with a controller so im not so sure if this was played on pc


My guess would be PC with 360 controllers.


Yeah I thought the match was played on pc as well but someone on this article said that the match was played on ps4 http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/22766/20140424/evolve-news-ps4-gameplay-trailer-shows-full.htm

said that the


Hopefully it is. Those graphics look like they should be PC but if that’s PS4 then wow. It could just be an article by someone who supports PS4 more than Pc/xbox.


Yeah, but hopefully your wrong lol, I just want the graphics to look good on all the platforms so everyone enjoys this awesome game!


To me, that article doesn’t seem very truthful. In places where they said “Evolve PS4 Trailer”, they could have just said “Evolve Trailer”. It almost sounded like they were covering the PS4 as much as the game itself. To me, at least.

Anyway, yes, I hope it looks that good on all platforms, especially mobile and N64.


Dude, I’m looking forward to Evolve on the Tiger Wrist Game Watch the most!


I believe this is accurate!


why would you do that -.-


Well some people prefer to use controllers over a mouse and keyboard, good sir! Plus there are some games that work especially well on PC when a controller is used. Like I believe some PC games are at least made to be used with a controller rather that a keyboard like for example, Super Meat Boy and Rouge Legacy.

Then again, it’s also down to personal preference anyway! :laughing:


The good thing about demoing on the PS4/XB1 is that people know it’s the least common denominator. So you can expect it to look better on a high end PC.