What perks would you use as the behemoth?


I think I would choose climbing speed since the devs say the behemoth climbs very slowly or I think damage bonus would be very good too since he already does so much damage.


I always choose the damage resistance perk unless I’m very certain there’s going to be a lazarus, then feeding speed. For Behemoth though I might actually decide on Damage Increase as well though. I feel that he’s so slow and got so much health, what he really needs above all else is to put fear in the hunters and the only way to do that is with HEAVY DAMAGE.


I normally go with movement speed as the monster…probably won’t change that. Damage increase isn’t enough for a real difference, you already hit like a freight train…15% typically won’t even reduce the number of hits by 1. Damage resistance might be ok…but I dunno…feel like if I did that, I’d prefer faster natural armor recharge…though something like behemoth might have trouble hiding long enough for it to kick in.

From my experience in alpha/beta, movement/feeding speed have been the only perks worthwhile as the monster. /shrug


My choices
Goliath - Damage Resistance
Kraken - Stamina Increase
Wraith - Smell Range


With all of the information currently available? Tough call, but I think I would accept his mobility or lack there of and go with damage resistance.


Probably move increase/climb increase/stamina increase/damage increase/feed increase/cooldown reduction/armor regen/damage resist…

wait that’s all of them except sniff increase.


i think armor regen would be good or movement speed. that way you wouldnt have to eat all the wild life just to max armor at stage one and having nothing for S2


I think climb speed will be great with behemoth. I use stamina increase wih kraken, or ability cool down. Damage bonus, smell range, movement speed with Goliath. Smell range, damage resistance, movement speed on wraith.


I’d either go for movement speed or armor regen. The fact that I’ll be a giant, slow moving target screaming “shoot me” means that I need as much mitigation/movement I can get during a match. The precious seconds I’d get from ground pound + wall can mean the difference between just getting enough armor to take a few extra hits, to having my valuable health pool stripped away.

It’s also going to be interesting how stealth play will be with Behemoth, it’s kinda like trying to hide an elephant in a china shop :stuck_out_tongue:


I recall during the IGN showcase the hosts talked about how it might be a challenge to reach stage three and max out your armor.
In no particular order:
Armor regen
Climb speed


I have to go with climb speed. Devs have mentioned behemoth really lacks on the climbing department … and that is vital as a meele monster.


Climb speed is crucial for Behemoth as he lacks this. His climbing speed is around 2.5 seconds, apart from 1.5 with goliath in a standard cliff (4 hunters tall)

Apart from that, Damage reduction and armor regen are great perks.


I believe movement speed will be the most important. So many skill shot abilities, it would be very helpful to move into a better position first.


For Behemoth? Either Climb Speed (Most likely will go with this one), Ability Cooldown Reduction, Armor Regen, or Damage Resistance.


But why not pick damage resist and laugh at their atempts to kill you


Because I’m already pretty hearty. I suppose I’d need to see the amount of damage I could do without the perk first though. If it’s significant, I’d go back to my lovable damage resistance. I can normally outmaneuver hunters so I just don’t see speed and stamina as helping much, but again, I’d need to play around with Behemoth first before really deciding on anything for sure.


I believe they said hes the HEAVY DAMAGE he’s just slow which is why he needs the tongue grab to pull people in to wail on them. From the test footage I saw one melee at, not sure if it was stage 2 or 3, do half of a hunters health or close to it


Feeding speed. You’re constantly feeding and if it is easier to catch, then this will make sure he keeps on rolling quicker without stopping as much. Climbing not so much because you might as well stick with what he’s good at, rolling on the ground.


Personally ability cool down. they do say that his speed is so slow that he can’t catch wildlife placing is walking speed way Below hunters movement. At least with the inevitable fights I can “spam” tongue grab.


I have to say climb speed. I like being able to get the high ground.