What perks with which character?


Which perk do you use with each character and why?

For me it’s:
Caira - Reload speed
Lazarus - Reload speed
Maggie - Movement speed
Hank - Capacity
Crow - Movement speed


Caira: Reload
Val: Quick Swap
Laz: Reload
Slim: Reload
Hank: Quick Swap
Bucket: Reload
Cabot: Reload
Sunny: F*** Sunny, I don’t use her
Maggie: Reload/Movement speed (movement on smaller maps)
Griffin: Reload (Perma poon, perma poon)
Abe: F*** Abe as well, hes useless
Crow: Quick Swap
Markov: Reload
Hyde: Quick Swap/Damage increase, depends on if I feel juggly or brutal
Parnell: Quick Swap
Torvald: Quick Swap, Reload, Capacity.
All work for me


Val- quick switch. Everyone underestimates this- ridiculous versatility and responsiveness.
Crow- quick switch. Love this perk. I can see movement speed being good. Kinda wanna try it.

Those are the only characters I have a strong opinion on, Val especially.


Do not use Reload Speed right now, it is bugged and it will make Class Cooldowns recharge more slowly.

That being said, if it wasn’t bugged:

Cabot- Reload Speed
Bucket- Damage Increase
Hank- Reload Speed

Slim- Reload Speed
Caira- Reload Speed OR Capacity
Laz- Jetpack
Val- Quick Switch

Abe- Quick Switch
Griffin- Jetpack OR Reload Speed
Maggie- Movement Speed because it makes Daisy faster too.


Okay here goes:

Val - Reload
Laz - Reload
Caira - Capacity, very ralerly Reload
Slim - Quick Switch

Hank - Reload, sometimes QS or Capacity
Bucket - Damage
Cabot - Reload
Sunny - Jetpack

Maggie - Reload, Jetpack
Griffin - Jetpack
Abe - Jetpack,
Crow - Jetpack

Markov - Damage
Hyde - Damage
Parnell - Health Regent, Reload
Torvald - Capacity


Val + Quick switch = Tranq, Sniper, heal repeat
Lax + jump height = flying revivifier/lazdini
Caira + reload speed = mean green healing machine
Slim + jump height = super bug man

Hank + Quick switch = Team lazer shield
Bucket + jump height = tiny robot army . . . of doom
Cabot + jump height = constant damage amp
Sunny + reload speed = Nuclear Armageddon!!!

Maggie + jump height = traps for days
Grif + reload speed = sad immobile monster
Abe + Quick switch = slow, shoot, slow , shoot
Crow + Quick switch = Gobi slow Gobi slow Gobi

Markov + capacity = THUNDER!
Hyde + Quick switch = Hyde is love Hyde is life
Parnell + capacity = extra rage trooper extra fun
Torvald + Quick switch = perma pain

Jump height is great for mobility (via “moon walking”) and escaping/keeping up with an extremely mobile monster.

Quick switch > reload speed except in a few special cases


every medic=reload

supports=dr or quick swap depends on the monster.


assault=reload torvald=cap inc


Heal on everyone…I only ever have a group of 3 and none of us like medic so that’s our random wild card and 99% of the time they don’t heal


Val - Capacity or Reload
Lazarus - Reload or Health Regen
Caira Capacity or Reload
Slim - Reload or Quick Cycle

Maggie - Movement Speed
Griffin - Movement Speed or Reload
Abe - Movement Speed
Crow - Movement Speed

Hank - Health Regen or Capacity
Bucket - Health Regen
Cabot - Health Regen
Sunny - Health Regen

Markov - Reload or Capacity
Hyde - Reload
Parnell - Reload or Capacity
Torvald - Capacity or Quick Switch

When there’s a Lazarus I overrule everything else and use Health Regen. The reason I use health regen on support is I’m usually last one alive and I don’t want healing when I’m cloaked.


Val - Switch or Reload
Lazarus - Reload
Caira Capacity or Reload
Slim - Switch

Maggie - Jetpack
Griffin - Jetpack
Abe - Jetpack or switch (stasis and DPS)
Crow - Jetpack

Hank - Capacity
Bucket - Health Regen or Jetpack
Cabot - Reload
Sunny - Capacity or Reload

Markov - Capacity
Hyde - Damage or Capacity
Parnell - Capacity
Torvald - Capacity or Reload