What perks should i get with maggie and waggie?


could you you maggie and waggie players share your toughts on which perks should i get with them?

just go full movespeed? reload speed?


The most greedy pick would be switch, reload, reload
The most safest pick for her would be switch, reload, JP recharge,

For waggie i don’t know coz ppl won’t let me play her… either they quit lobby ,or they shit talk to me entire round and blame any mistakes team makes on me


wow, what the fuck? why people are asses about waggie? i mean, her harpoon has more range then maggie, and she does overall more damage overtime right? so… i dont get it, is it the biased opinion that shes the worst hunter in the game?


Most pro players, if not all, feel that one harpoon that deals tiny amount of DoT is not worth trading out for 3 harpoons. Her DoT is also supposedly ridiculously small. If you want a damage Trapper, they usually recommend Crow or Abe.
But to answer your question, a movement speed perk, coupled with jetpack thrust and a minor reload perk should do it.


I didn’t play waggie that much. There is no area in which she shines. Daisy AI is mental more often than not. Her burst pistol is pretty bad, having one harpoon makes it less of a pain in the ass then 3 spread out harpoons.

I usually went quick switch, movement speed (or jetpack recharge), poison on maggie.

Switching between the poon and the gun most of the time and letting the passive reload do it’s work. Think about when do you use your planet scaner with her.

btw. Rather than creating a thread search for similar threads, there is this thread Need advice in trapper perk choices that was created 5 days ago…


No point playing Waggie… the best you can do for OG Maggie is Dodge or jetpack recharge, reloader and poison perk.

that’s seems to be a good choice for it…

waggie is just too damn worst to play atm… and Daisy needs an AI fix ASAP…


Well I’ve got nothing against Maggie, really like her…But Wasteland is actually probably the worst Trapper by far.

Her Machine Pistol damage and Flame Snare damage were nerfed (and weren’t amazing to begin with) and Daisy’s AI is poor so she barely does any damage in a fight (and she’s even worse at reviving and tracking since no speed boost when you’re close to her) and since she’s got no damage, and her CC is bad (literally the worst CC, you’re basically taking Griffin, slowing him down, restricting his mobility, giving him an arm time, and then turning him into an AI deployable) she’s got nothing to offer.

Abe and Crow do much better damage with much better CC and tracking. The others all have infinitely stronger CC and pretty good damage too.

So yeah no harm meant but Wasteland is actually just bad.

THAT BEING SAID if you like her, play here. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Reload perks are good for her since it helps damage and the snare but MS and JPR perks work too. Find your own groove.


If there was a perk that removed your hunter from the game i would suggest that you picked that.

But since there is not,i would go swap/reload/reload for more harpoon uptime,and switching to gun when its reloading


to be fair my thread didn’t mentioned maggie or waggie in the title


Waggie really doesn’t specialize at anything anymore, other than there always being damage done by her even if she is doing CC.
The Griffins and Maggie do more defense and have stronger burst damage, while the soft trappers are still higher damaging.

One thing she has is ease of use and comp synergy, she’s easy to pick up and easy to play with. You can put the traps anywhere you want without needing to waste too much fuel or risk getting out of position.
If I feel like chilling more than anything, I’d run Wags.

Perk selection:
Quickswitch, Poison, Acid
Dodge, Switch, Movement

basically: she’s easy to play, so her effectiveness has been taken down accordingly.


But it did mention trappers in general, and it’s not like he had to search for it? It’s in the 10 latest topics besides the sticky ones when you open trapper. It doesn’t matter that much, but I think it would be better to have one topic where everyone who has any knowledge on trappers puts their input rather than making a new thread every time.

Some people recommend reload but I disagree with this. She is not griff that you should be having a poon available to put down as much as possible. You just have to try to use damage and have 3 poons down as much as possible. I think quick switch is better since you’re switching all the time between smg and the poons. When the monster destroys one or gets pooned just put another one down asap. You should look to rarely be in a position where there is no poons on the ground so you have to put 3 at a time (and this is where reload is good).

While you put down one poon - smg is reloaded, while you empty smg clip - poon is reloaded and that’s what I try to abuse while playing her. I think there is no need to boost you passive reload like with griff or e griff where you should shoot poons at the monster as much as possible when he is going for support/medic…

edit: And using reload perk with waggie is completely useless because there is very little chance the monster is gonna get pooned/destroy the poon while it’s passively recharges …