What perks for which character/monster?


Hi all

I’m entirely new to playing the game as I was always interested when it was originally released but just never managed to purchase it.

I know there are some guides and tutorials out on YouTube etc but obviously these are mostly for the previous version of the game. I understand many changes have been made to things such as perks/abilities.

Does anyone use any place other than the forums to get tips to play the game? e.g. somewhere which recommends which perks are useful for a Trapper or which perks you may want to use when playing Wraith.

I know many other games have sites dedicated to the game with stat tracking and guides etc, would be cool to know if this basically had the equivalent. I’m guessing it may not considering the game died out prior to this new release.

Thanks for any input!


Check out twitch and look up MaddCowQQ he’s streaming and teaching people how to play today!


Awesome thanks!