What perks are best for certain hunters


Questions about perks.(I want to know what the best perk for laz is)


For Laz I’d go reload, keeps the monster off a dead body with his lightning sniper reload, faster healburst (literally vital) and allows for faster rezs in the case of multiple dead people


That’s what I’ve used.


May depend on fellow hunters, example: as Trapper I’d go with Jetpack Recharge but if there’s Sunny I’d go with Damage Reduction


Movement speed is also a nice perk for Laz, helps you cover more ground when cloaked.


Reload speed for medic
Capacity for support
Movement speed for trapper
Increase damage for assault


Capacity doesn’t help Cabot’s railgun nor sunny’s nuke launcher though, I think reload speed is better for all supports.


Buuut, capacity does aid their selling points, more amp and more booster are god mode when used right, especially the booster
“Buckle up Chewie, we’re kickin into lightspeed”
Wookie sounds


health regen save health burst for emegrencys
Jetpack boost standard for all medics helps you not die
reload speed allows you to keep up with how fast the monster kills your teammates

capacity more healing thats your only job.
jetpack recharge

jetpack recharge if no hank
swap speed if hank,allows you to effectively use all equipment without putting your teammates in jeopardy


jetpack or movespeed to keep up with teammates.

reload speed
capacity if you have hyde or parnell

swap speed makes all domes guaranteed if your aim is true
jetpack recharge standard for all trappers.

swap speed allows you to juggle your 2 primary’s only pick if you have cabot or someone with weak points
jetpack recharge


swap speed allows you to throw down a grenade then swap right back to the flamethrower for massive damage

capacity for less reloading during super soldier
jetpack recharge to stay on the monster

Health regen for everyone if your team has lazarus.


Are you guys more for Capacity , Reload speed or Damage ? (if to choose between them)

Because they basically do the same on paper, that is increasing your dps…


Since I’m bad, I use quick switch for Hank and Sunny, so I can basically do damage until someone needs a boost or shield, then switch immediately


Cabot- Quick Switch. Flexibility for the Amp and Cannon.
Bucket- Damage Increase, easy.
Hank- Reload. Shields recharge insanely quick between hits. Laser Cutter and Barrage as well.

Slim- Reload, affects Leech Gun and Spores
Caira- Reload Speed or Capacity, for brute force healing.
Lazarus- Reload Speed. Self explanatory.
Val- Quick Switch. Tranq, Snipe and return to healing in under a second.

Griffin- Reload Speed is amazing for those poons but jetpack is superior, in my opinion, for maneuvering, getting poons, moving faster and surviving because you are the ONLY hunter with NO defensive measures. ;W;


What are the best perks for each assault? I pick either capacity, reload, or damage.


Markov: Reload
Parnell: Capacity
Hyde: Damage increase
Those are my picks anyway



Move speed or jet pack recharge. Move speed is mostly for Maggie and Griffin and jet pack is for Crow/Abe for those boost up and long distance slows and darts


Val + Laz i go health regen so I can save bursts for healing people who are about to die

Caira gets reload so more speed boost and heals

Slim gets capacity for more heal bursts per reload


Cabot+Hank+Sunny get reload speed for faster shields and jet packs and faster shots with railgun(may get hp regen if I’m playing with a bad team and think i’ll have to run or can’t rely on medic for heals)

Bucket gets move speed for keeping up or health regen cause he always seems to take damage while setting up turrets and can let medics focus on keeping the trapper and assault alive while he backs off.


Hyde gets jet pack so he can stay in range with his flame thrower and boost through his grenades

Markov gets quick switch for switching between lightning gun and mines and using assault while lightning gun recharges

Parnell gets HP regen for SS or quick switch/capacity if I trust the medic

Torvald gets capacity for more mortars and shotguns