What Perk would you Replace/Create?


Generally, there are a few perks that are simply just not popular or useful to pick(Most of the time).

Climbing speed, Armor regeneration for monster,

Jump Height and Weapon Switch Speed(Unless Parnell).

So, if you could, what perk would you remove, and what perk would you come up with to replace it?

For me, I’d remove the Climb Speed perk and add a Pounce Bonus Damage perk. Maybe around 50%?

Let me know your thoughts below.


So you want to switch the Climb speed perk with the Elite Megamouth buff?


Isn’t the Elite Megamouth buff 200% damage though?


Nope, I think it’s 100%.


Just checked, you’re right. Will edit it.


Climb speed, and gain a 50% cloak when in stealth on monster. You’re slightly see through, but you can still be seen, attacked, and pinged.


I would create an Elite Dune Beetle.

  • monster gets an extra evolve point.
  • hunters get 200% health and all their strikes removed.

But the spawn rate for these gifts from God will only be 5%


Rate of fire buff. Would be tricky and balance, and would only kill the pause between shooting and reload on single shot weapons, but I think it would still be cool.


Guns: are able to tag the monster for 5 seconds when hit.

Guns: Bullets will cause the monster to catch on fire for a short time.


If I had 200% extra health in evolve I would just throw all my weapons and gear away to grapple with the monster. Then I would rip the monster’s arm off and call myself Beowulf.


I would want a limited spotter buff. That has to be my fav wildlife buff. Take whatever percatage off that normally comes from elite buffs to player perks.
what 50%
I would still love having that up even if only 10-15m
maybe too broken for juking monsters…


Rate of Fire/Attack

Simply put, you shoot faster with automatic or semi automatic guns or do faster monster melee attacks. Might not be great for everyone, like Sunny with a single shot weapon but then again the clip increase is useless for her also.


Imagine that kind of power on kraken.


Bring in balance with the 15% damage increase so that the faster attack rate is beneficial only to those that swing a lot and miss a lot. A rate of attack buff could be just a 10% increase.


feeding speed
anything else


Try it with Torvald, it’s even better than capacity increase, which most people tend to go for.

I would actually love to see a 50-75% climbing speed increase perk for my Goliath. Anything climbable with him seems to be the bane of my existence.

For a completely new one I’d say CC reduce for Monster. Be it effectiveness of the slow or even the duration. Around 30% would be nice and balanced I guess.


I would make an increased area of effect perk for the dune beetle.

Markovs: mines get a bigger radius
Hydes: toxic grenades get a bigger radius
Parnells: rocket launcher gets a bigger hit radius
Torvalds: Shrapnel grenade gets a bigger radius

Vals: Armor piercing rifle gets a bigger spot put on the monster and increased healing burst radius
Laz: Bigger spots for the silenced sniper rifle and healing burst radius
Caira: increased healing shot radius with healing burst
Slim: Increased spore grenade radius with healing burst

Hank: increased Orbital radius with increased cloak radius
Bucket: increased Sentry gun radius with increased cloak radius
Cabot: increased dust tagging radius with increased cloak radius
Sunny: increased shield drone radius with increased cloak radius


Maggie: increased harpoon spike radius
Griffon: increased sound sensor radius
Abe: increased stasis grenade radius
Crow: increased gobi radius of sight while in flight

Goliath: increased rock throw hit and leap smash radius
Kraken: increased lighting strike and aftershock radius
Wraith: increased warp blast and supernova radius
Behemoth: increased lava bomb and fissure radius