What perk u like to use?hunter?


Goliath-feeding speed or movement speed (depends on abilities picked at stage 1)
Kraken- Damage Resistance
Wraith- feeding speed or damage resistance
Behemoth- damage resistance or feeding speed
Val-Damage resistance, Health regen or reload speed
Lazarus- Health regen
Caira- Capacity increase
Slim- Capacity increase or damage resistance
Hank- Health regen or capacity increase ( depends on medic)
Bucket- Health regen
Cabot- Reload speed or health regen ( depends on medic)
Sunny- Capacity increase or health regen ( depends on medic)
Maggie- Movement speed or jetpack recharge
Griffin- Movement speed or reload speed
Abe- Movement speed or jetpack recharge
Crow- Jetpack recharge or jump height
Markov- Pretty much anything
Hyde- Damage resistance or movement speed
Parnell- Capacity increase or health regen
Torvald- Quick Switch or Capacity increase

Im level 40 so all my perks are 3 star.


Goliath- Damage increase
Laz- Reload
Torvald- Capacity
Hyde- Quick Switch
Slim- Quick Switch
Cabot- Quick Switch
Bucket- Damage increase
Hank- Quick Switch
Crow- Quick Switch
Thats all of em


Goliath/Kraken/Wraith Feeding speed or CD
don’t play behemoth.

Val jump height/jet pack.
Laz HP regen
Caira reload
Don’t play slim

Hank recharge
bucket hp regen
cabot quick switch
I don’t play sunny but probably quick switch

Trappers move speed mainly for catching or jet pack/jump height if I’m playing with a poor medic

Markov jet pack
Hyde jet pack
Parnell hp regen or capacity depending on medic
Torvald capacity


Wraith: Traversal recharge
Goliath: Traversal recharge
Kraken: Cooldown reduction/movement speed
Behemoth: Climb speed/movement speed

Val: Jump height/reload speed
Lazarus: reload speed
Ciara: Capacity

Hank: Capacity
Bucket: Health regen/jump height/movement speed/damage reduction/jet pack recharge
Cabot: reload speed

Maggie: Jump height
Griffin: Reload speed
Abe: Reload speed

Markov: Capacity
Hyde: Damage reduction/quick swap/health regen
Parnell: Capacity


Mostly been playing parnell lately and using jetpack recharge as it’s the only mobility amp not already given on supersolder.


…Capacity o.o


Quick Switch master Perk


Monsters-A neck Hankie because his hunter food gets alittle messy

Hunters: Barbecue sauce so they taste better for the monster




I’ve never understood why some people prefer Capacity Increase with Hyde.

Isn’t the whole point of that character to constantly switch between your weapons depending on the situation?
When I play Hyde I constantly switch from Flamethrower to Toxic Grenade and back while occasionally pulling out the Minigun.
Considering the standard capacity of those weapons is already huge, I never find myself having to reload them as the game does so automatically while I use another weapon.
I can’t remember the last time I played Hyde and saw my magazine run low.


Huh, strangely enough I do. I dunno, I’ve always took capacity, 'cause it really works for me, I suppose it’s down to personal preference.
I did have the tendency to take damage but since that was toned down a bit I almost always use capacity.
Though I could give quick-switch a go.


:hyde: : Quick switch all the fucking (faces) way
:parnell: Capacity ( so good with SS ). Also quick switch is fine but Capacity is better
:markov_cute: Not sure here but I like capacity cause of low ammo for lightning gun.
Robo Viking : Capacity or Quick Switch.

:sunny: : Capacity , best for her , there is no better choice
:hank: : Capacity . Also Quick switch is great, but I found that Capacity suits better my playstyle ( and… Psssshhh… its better )
:cabot: : Reload speed . Also again, Capacity is great way to go. Dmg.amp. Will last soooo long.
:bucket: : Dunno here, dont play him much

:maggie: : Movement speed ( buffs also Daisy, so there is no another option than MS)
:griffin: : Jetpack recharge or Movement speed .
:abe: : same
Crow : same

:lazarus: : Reload speed
:caira: : Capacity (great for more nades and longer acc.field.
:val: : Reload speed/Jetpack recharge ( rarely when bored I choose Jump height cause… " Wheeeee! "… Bur RS/JR are much better) .
Slim : Dmg resistance or Capacity I like here


Markov- QS
Hyde- Damage increase
Parnell- Capacity
Torvald- Capacity

Hank- Capacity
Bucket- Jump height
Cabot- Reload
Sunny- Capacity

Maggie- Jetpack recharge
Griffin- QS
Abe- QS
Crow- Jetpack recharge

Val- Jump height
Laz- Reload
Caira- Jetpack recharge
Slim- QS

Goliath- CDR
Kraken- Damage increase
Wraith- CDR
Behemoth- Traversal increase


Medics: Reload Speed.
Everyone else: Health Regen.

Unless I trust the Medics, in which case Supports might use capacity or reload for longer shields
or quicker recharge shields.

Monster: Never play.


This is why I queue with @ZeroClarity
Reliable medic. My medic. ;W;


:markov_cute: - Damage
:hyde_cute: - Reload Speed
:boy:(Torvald) - Reload Speed
:maggie_cute: - Quick Swap
:griffin_cute: - Reload Speed
:abe_cute: - Quick Swap
:spades:(Crow) - Movement
:val_cute: - Quick Swap
:lazarus_cute: - Reload Speed
:caira_cute: - Capacity
:alien:(Slim) - Quick Swap
:hank_cute: - Quick Swap
:bucket_cute: - Damage
:cabot_cute: - Reload Speed
:sunny: - Reload Speed


Jetpack recharge also useful, to help evade monster.

Quick switch useful to be able to quickly shield when needed, and shoot when not

I like to take jetpack recharge, to help catch back up after UAV

Jetpack recharge also valid. Helps keep in range of everyone to give them jetpack boost

Quick switch on Hyde works well, to switch between grenade, flame thrower at short range and minigun at long range