What perk on Val is best?


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Capacity, reload or jetpack recharge imo


QS or Capacity’s my guess.


Capacity. The MedGun lasts close to forever with extra capacity. Rogue Val’s MedGun runs out even faster, so always capacity with her, too.


MSpeed, Jetpack, DReduction with Cabot, Reload/Capacity with Hank/Sunny


Capacity or Jetpack. For RV it’s Health Regen.


I used to run Reload in the early days but Capacity really makes her shine for me now. So long as you are all positioned well, her healing capacity in a dome is amazing with this perk.


I like jetpack recharge on val.


I always go quick switch with val. I’m able to quickly swap to tranq and back to the medgun to keep the monster slowed and my teammates healed.


Jetpack Recharge


You could make an argument for any of them except Damage Increase.

I prefer Damage Resistance.


Jump height for clutch dodging


Jetpack, damage resist, or quick switch.

Or movespeed, that perk is great on pretty much any hunter.


I almost always use Jetpack with her. There’s nothing worse than a Val with no jetpack.


The secret OP perk on Val is the Jump Bonus


Movement speed.


Out of shear cockiness I have picked it before.

I like to run jetpack recharge. All her kit reloads pretty quickly on default anyway so it isn’t really an issue. I used to use jump bonus but I found it doesn’t work as well now that the jetpack momentum has changed.


Jetpack recharge - Damage resistance to sustain more

Movement speed if the monster is bad or capacity … But those perks will not keep val alive in S3 fights even with Hank


Movement speed, especially in a level with a ton of trees or pillars or big rocks. The more jetpack saved for utility, the better. Helps with keeping los with both monster and other hunters, not as well as jump height, but I feel speed is now the better defense and worth the potential disadvantage jump height mitigates.

Otherwise jetpack recharge. Dodging abilities is a must and besides using the environment, bad aim, or shields, jetpack is the best way to do that.

I basically favor not getting hit at all or being able to run, but if the monster is spot on with abilities id take damage resistance or capacity if there is a sunny being targeted constantly.


Definitely jet, keep chasing and dodging, that’s how you win the game.