What perk is Wraith players taking these days?


I wanna get into playing Wraith more since right now Kraken is the only monster I play. I was wondering what perk a lot of the better Wraith players are taking.

I’ve seen a number of Wraith players say they take Traversal Stamina or Speed Boost since they changed the class.

For me it’s hard to imagine playing without the cooldown reduction perk but hey if that’s what it takes I’ll roll with it.


Dmg. Increase is popular. I’ve also seen mentioned Dmg. Reduction, Movement Speed (Affects your invis base speed so you can get a bit further with Decoy) and Feeding Speed.


Feeding speed is my shiz, allows me to rearmor in no time, its awesome


I take traversal stamina since it basically doubles as damage resistance with the wraith and helps a lot with the 3 in warp and abduct at stage 2.


Thank you for thinking outside the box. Some people just treat perks at face value. For instance, Kraken CDR is more damage mitigation than dmg. (Imo) and so forth…


I take smell bonus, it allows me to better see what the hunters’ positioning is so I can better exploit it with abduct


Cool down to keep combo’s going.


Depends on yer playstyle. If you like being a confrontational Wraith feeding speed is yer go to perk. Let’s you eat midst fight while invis in combat. If you favor the sneaking situation playstyle, I recommend smell range increase so you can plan places of combat, abduction, etc.


I like speed, makes those cloak jukes possible and helps make up for her complete inability to move outside of short burst movement. Would have lost so many games without it.


Normally damage reduction, cooldown reduction if I know the team I’m vsing isn’t very good.


as a wraith player on a 52 win streak I only take speed increase or traversal and that’s it…


As a 20.6 WLR Wraith on PC(including server crash disconnects), I take smell range.

Very much helps me determine, especially on certain maps, ideal engagement opportunities.


I usually switch between cooldown, damage bonus, and feeding speed, depending on the map. If you roughly know the spawn locations for buffs I go with w/e buff i cant get from the wildlife.
(20.2 win/loss and top 15 on PS4 with Wraith :wink: )


Cooldown reduction so even if you lose you can chain decoys and war blasts to make the hunters feel like they just wasted 30 minutes of their time.


I use CD reduction mostly as I did before, but now, taking changes into account, I started picking Stamina traversal and Movement speed from time to time.


I play sky wraith so stamina perk for me. Also if I know a map has an albino nomad I go for it first.


Traversal cooldown its a killer, especially when your getting slowed. Its also amazing for running like hell if things get bad. And combat of course I always warp behind people its so disorienting.


+15% damage