What perk is best with emet


ive just been using damage resistance because I’m too lazy too test so halp


Movement speed so you can roach better and to help you get away that little bit faster to place a respawn beacon.


I typically go reload. You basically get the respawn beacon directly after 30 seconds passes.


seems good because I ran in to a trapper who kept running off and I couldn’t reach him


how long does it take normally?


My guess is somewhere between 45 to 60 seconds.


75 seconds.


I think damage resist is OK. Reload and weapon switch are the other two I like on him. If you’re playing with a shield support then I think damage resist is actually good, since that makes the shields tougher too. I think reload is probably the right choice in a hyper aggressive team like Cabot or Bucket. Weapon switch is really solid too though, especially if you’re playing against a monster with inherently good AoE abilities that you know will be destroying your buoys quickly.


I do movement speed or jpr. Normally I do recharge , quick switch or capacity, but as Emet I WANT to be mobile and up high. If I get focused, I can get away because the passive heading acts like damage reduction then. If I need to put a beacon up I can move quicker and farther.


Quick switch lets you throw buoys quicker ?


No, sorry. When I said that I meant that you will be forced to replace them more often (forcing you to stop shooting, switch, and redeploy them).


Quick switch is great because you can do exactly what he’s meant to do xD fire once, and toss buoys.

At least the buoys are “recharged” through it right? Haha


Jetpack recharge to sustain more

Movement speed - dmg resistance also works


I recommend jet pack recharge. That or movement speed/jump height. Either way, you need mobility and speed for Emet to work. It depends on the map as well, of course. Jet pack is always good for Broken Hill Foundry, you know.

Either way, you need to be able to be at your team mates’ side at all times- especially the injured ones.


I like damage resistance. You could run around your buoys and stay alive for a long time.


I go with reload speed, cause you get your heally things out faster, also respawn beacon comes back faster too.


Try Health Regen

Become extremely hard to kill. Itl stack with your buoys :stuck_out_tongue:

You’l be hard enough to kill that proper roaching pretty much guarantees survival.


wait the healing on the buoy starts faster with reload speed


He means throwing the bouys.

If you want faster heals just go for HPR.

I personally think MS and DR to be the best for me. Jpr follows suit.


actually, reload doesn’t affect the buoys. Quick Switch does.