What percentage goes to the devs when I buy the game or DLC?


With all the controversy over dlc and the supposed high price of the game I was wondering if those costs are actually going to pay the dev team or if the bulk of the profits are going to investors/publishers. Is the dev team paid via contract or are they paid a percent basis on sales results?

If the dev team gets nothing directly from dlc sales how can we really justify dlc as supporting development and not just giving money to marketing fat cats???


I can predict the answer with amazing accuracy: Not as much as you’d think and, sadly, not enough. :wink:


I am sure the amount is 0 and that the development team is paid via contract with a bonus depending on initial sales and meta-critic score. dlc allows them to have some stability after initial release but I would be far more happy if they had gone solo as a self publisher and had the sales go directly to the team.

These marketing tactics are doing more harm than good for the industry and peoples delusions that buying dlc is “supporting the developers” needs to end. I hope one day turtle rock self publishes so I can buy their work knowing that I am supporting people who deserve it.

I just want to point out the utter foolishness of the community supporting the price/dlc with the justification that it helps the people who made the game.


Usually, about half of the final purchase price goes to the deveoloper, e.g. Turtle Rock Studios. Other half is split between cost of actually making the disk and the manual and case, the publisher, e.g. 2K Games, and retailers like Wal-Mart and Gamestop get the small share of the game, like 15 percent of the sale price is profit from the retailers. These are ballpark numbers, but should give you an idea of what they make.


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i think typically what happens is they get a percent after the game has made a certain amount of money.


It depends on the contract.

Evolve is being published by 2K games.

So the amount going to turtle rock will most likely be 8% - 15% in royalties.


And It’s also paid annually varying on sales.