What PC games have you guys been playing?


I’ve been playing Dead By Daylight a lot for online multiplayer stuff streaming with a few streamers and youtuber,

I’ve also been chilling playing some Resident Evil HD REmake as well as Dishonored. Because I’m all so hyped for Dishonored 2 and I need something to play offline.


I would be playing DBD a lot but I don’t own it so I cry instead.

I also play SMITE instead.


If I’m not playing Evolve, I play Borderlands 1 (currently busy with Zombie island of Dr. Ned, fantastic DLC. Also got a legendary weapon yesterday, which is the second one I got so far, whoehoe).

P.S. Also purchased Resident Evil 1 HD remake, looking to play that somewhere in the future.


Dead By Daylight, SP: Stick of Truth and Witcher 3 on PC
Evolve and Battleborn no XB1


I had witcher 1 & 2, but never got around to finishing them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I started playing CS:GO after patch got delayed…

Daaaamn I get so much better during this waiting time


Dark souls 1, 2 and 3

so far, over 400 hours in all of them combined, and counting (for comparison, evolve is ‘only’ 181 hours)


I’d suggest changing the title of your Topic though Azmi, you don’t need the “Since Evolve is pretty much dead on PC” part; it rubs me the wrong way and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.


Can you please stop making more threads about Evolve being dead on pc?


But it’s true…?


He’s made two threads. Chill.

Yes he shouldn’t make them and he shouldn’t add a senseless “Since Evolve is pretty much dead on PC” to the title but you don’t need to micromanage him when this is literally the second time he’s done it. You’re not a “Leader”/“Moderator” and it’s not like he’s been making them non-stop for weeks.


… when will you get tired of having your threads locked down ? …
Hopefully not weeks as shredder suggest we should let you do … lol


Alright alright folks, the suggestion has been requested, now let’s stay on topic please!

Well, I have been playing OW, like a lot lol, I’m level 70 now xD


OW? What is this?

Overwatch… duh…

######I’ll see myself out.


Never heard of it. It’s probably an acronym for smite because that’s the only game everyone should be playing.


I know right? I mean the marketing and premium currency has something to be desired but the game itself is just… just…

######Except for Rat and Susan.


Paragon, Dead by Daylight, Warframe (less than I used to), Planetside 2 every now and then, Overwatch, and Prison Architect.


peers out from my Vault

steals a couple likes

sprints back into my vault

But in all seriousness xD I’m mostly on Fallout or Titanfall when not on Evolve


Recently got into this too. I overpopulated my prison I think and it’s extremely small so I started construction of another prison just across the street to migrate all new prisoners to. I’m not that great at the game and it took me like 50 tries just to get a prison to function for the first 24 hours. Over planning and being financially irresponsible always caused me to have insufficient funds before prisoners arrived.

I’ve grown a strong disliking towards this game after Bethesda’s business practice with it and what I find is a pure lack of content and laziness.


Yes :smiling_imp:
Smite is life