What not to do while hunting


A very Huge problem ive noticed especially this beta is that when your hunting the monster other players tend to shoot at it…DONT DO THIS for RnGesus’s sake dont shoot at the monster till you have him domed or if your track darting him other then that shooting at him gives him more traverse energy which then hes going to be able to run even more then your back to square one… your hunting not at the carnival shooting bottles off the wall in some carnies booth to try to win a stuffed bear
to be honest i think this should be something that should be touched on in the the tutorial mode and if it is im sorry for the post but there are so many players that complain about how the hunt takes forever… this is the reason why and i dont think that its broadcasted enough, maybe even add it to the loading screen text, “DONT WASTE BULLETS, MAKE THEM COUNT” or something like that idk


shooting prevents feeding, can prevent a monster buff and armor passive regen


finishing his feed on one monster over him gettting 3 traverse points and feeding on more then 1-2 then getting to an evolve where if you dome him sure taht one more monster or a buff but he doesnt get to the next stage without a fight
plus if the trapper is going for a flank and you poke him, well guess what 9 times out a 10 hes gonna have enough movement to jump out of the dome, ive watched it happen many times all bc someone wants to shoot at something


a good team will have the trapper on point with the dome at hand , at least thats how i play the trapper , but i didint know that if you shoot the monster you give him instant stamina