What needs to be done to fix the poor community on these forums


Due to the recent forum wide message box presented to everyone apologizing about the issues with lack of moderation and abuse by moderators, this is what needs to be done to fix these forums:

Institute a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for things like derailing topics, speaking off topic in a thread, and general trolling of threads with even light insults or things that may be said with the intent to enrage/belittle users about their topic of discussion.

The punishment should be a 1 week as the first warning. The next warning should escalate to 2 weeks, the third to a month, and the fourth should be a complete permanent ban from the forums.

I myself have been a victim numerous times of trolls and people just completely derailing topics with off topic items, and no one is going to learn their lesson without real action and harsh penalties.


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Extreme, much?

The forums were fine before launch. All they need is the same level of moderation they had back then.



[quote=“Joe_Joejoe, post:1, topic:41469”]
speaking off topic in a thread
[/quote]2nd facepalm

[quote=“Joe_Joejoe, post:1, topic:41469”]
general trolling of threads with even light insults or things that may be said with the intent to enrage/belittle users about their topic of discussion.
[/quote]That I can agree with somewhat
Dude, you don’t need to do the job for the forums. 1 week is waaayyy to much. By that time I would have forgotten about the forum and never come back.
Also I was not aware we were in need of fixing.


The main reason why these forums have gotten soo bad in the first place is because of the influx of users, there is too much moderation to do, and too few moderators. We could have 100 moderators working around the clock and that literally still wouldn’t be enough.

The point of being strict is to have these people think twice before they flood the forums with their filth. This type of policy would immediately cut about 90% of moderation tasks just from being stated, before any action is even needed to be taken.


Probably because they would lose about 90% of their population.

Just sayin’. :neutral_face:


But 1 week for derailing a topic?
Have you seen the stuff we talk about in random topics?
Most of us would be banned on the first day of he policy! :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s okay to have rules, but they need to be fair.
Having plain fun and joking around shouldn’t earn a week of banning.


Guess you need to take a look around Steam Forums instead…

Te moderation there does exactly that, and it doesn’t help. It only causes utter outrage.


I personally don’t think going off topic is that big of a deal but there’s a lot of people that throw insults at people they don’t agree with and those people aren’t punished as much as they should be. I’ve been flagging every post I see where there’s a personal attack and I think anyone who isn’t doing that should start.


Then you shouldn’t be talking about completely random stuff in a topic. If someone for example is talking about the best trapper, you shouldn’t be talking about your favorite character skins now should you?!


It would be nice if people would respect other people. …

People are allowed to have their opinions…you may not agree with their opinion and they may be wrong…

Personal abuse is never needed.


definitely thelasthunter, tons of people throwing insults that aren’t punished. And the problem is, the people who throw insults generally go hand in hand with people who speak off topic.

So far, I’ve even seen moderators not nip things in the bud before they get out of hand, then when things get out of hand, they let it go a bit longer, until they’re finally forced to just close threads, threads that were created by the non-perpetrators, which only punishes the victims of these types!

So if someone wants to give your topic of discussion the ultimate middle finger, all they have to do is spam it will garbage until it gets closed…and they get ZERO punishment for doing so.


The punishments for going off topic should be really light because what’s off topic can be too subjective. Generally there’s no room for dispute when someone starts name calling.


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Someone posted a meme yesterday.
It was relevent to the topic so I asked him if he had anymore of those types of pictures for Canyon Striders.
Then we talked about Canyon striders for a while.
Should we all get a week ban?


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but like I said, going off topic generally goes hand in hand with trolling and personal abuse against another user.

there really is no legitimate reason to go off topic. perhaps you’re confusing similar topics with off-topic. for example, if I’m discussing the best hunter makeup, it’s perfectly fine to discuss monsters as well since the best hunter makeup is based on which monster you’re playing too. see what I mean?

the reason for a week ban, even on speaking off topic, is to keep from having to spend time giving out lesser punishments. If they had to give punishments for going off topic (which is a current disease in this forum), they’d be spending more time doing that than dealing with abusers. By making it clear it will not be tolerated, the act of derailing topics will quickly become non existent.


nope bear stream, that is a similar topic, or a topic that the current topic naturally leads to. that’s NOT what I mean by off topic. negrette_boy is a perfect example of off topic though.


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What is the Albino Perk?


once again, negrette_boy gives a perfect example of why 1 week bans are necessary.

  1. offensive name
  2. spamming off topic
  3. offensive