What needs to be changed in the main game


So, the Monster is physically unplayable. I have about 6 friends all playing this Alpha and they all say the same thing. It’s terribly underpowered and DNA animals are almost non existent when you start. Also, you get very little DNA from eating. Yeah, I get that it’s a stock monster when you first start, but you need more power and speed if you hope to evolve before dying. The thing is friggin slow as christmas. The Hunters, on the other hand are terribly overpowered. It’s clear who has the advantage. On another note, why would you make the medic the sniper? Medic has to stay close to heal and your whole purpose for combat is to hide and snipe. Yeah…I really want to have to leave my sniping position to heal people. Should have given the class a carbine or SMG and the trapper should have the sniper rifle. As of now, I have about 20 (about 14 as the monster) games in and I’ve never even got my first monster evolution, and I’ve physically tried my butt off to evolve while running, hiding, sneaking, eating, killing, ect. ect. There is way to much crap you have to do as the monster…and youre all alone. The time you have to spend fighting and feeding heavily armored animals is way too much and it leads the hunters right to you. The monster needs a major evolution boost from eating ANYTHING. Again, one other note, the foot print tracking should completely be removed. It makes it way to easy to find the monster. Or, put a 5 minute timer on it before it gets ready and say its satellite linking or something. I played one game where they dropped the hunters on top of me…almost literally. That game was over in about 2 minutes. I think I got 2 attacks in, maybe. It’s like the hunter spawn is based on a gps on the monster. They need to spawn on the opposite side of the map in a building they have to find there way out of before they can even hunt…because the monster needs all the time it can get if it ever hopes to survive. And, if anyone says I’m not playing it right, please…indulge me in where you learned, because there was no tutorial or help or hints. There wasn’t ANY explanation on how to play at all. They literally drop you in and say…“lol…have fun”. The monster needs a learning curve, at least. With The hunters having the tranq darts, the tracking, the healer, the shield guy and the mobile arena, of which they don’t have to kill and eat anything to get…who would ever play the monster? (and that’s the games selling point…that was MY selling point)

Also, anyone saying that overpowering the monster would be a bad idea…it’s slow, easily trackable, its got poor range, it has to fend for itself in the wild while hiding and fighting the hunters and a good team should know to keep distance while attacking. If the hunters lose…they just suck at playing the hunters. No way the monster should ever win in its current build. If the game stays the way it is now, I fear it will not fair well.


If you can’t win as the monster you’re bad and need to learn how to play him :wink: the W/L ratio is almost 50/50 in the last alpha, can’t be much of a diffrence now.


It’s just game mechanics. Playing as a hunter is a fairly typical shooter. Everyone has played one of those. Playing a monster isn’t what most people are used to. I’ve seen plenty of videos that would claim the monster is OP. I would wager that a good 80%+ of the population has never really looked at how the game works. When both sides are total nubs, the hunters will have an advantage because it’s familiar.


TL:DR Played for an hour or two game is too hard, i quit.

Watch like one video on how to play monster, and you can win.


thats what I’m saying…I’m totally agreeing. And because of that…there is an balancing issue. Notice where I said the monster needs a learning curve?


I’m not saying I quit…I’m saying there is a balance issue…


I can’t see how they can make the hunters harder… give them TERRIBLE aim? lol


I hugely suggest watching the developers play when they run Friday Night Livestreams. You learn a lot about controlling yourself as the monster as well as the hunters. Also, it’s good to note that when the game launches officially you will be able to play against bots to practice the skills and controls better. This is an alpha so everyone is flying relatively blind. As the monster, you need to be on the move, always…sneaking helps to hide your tracks. Keep moving and eating until you evolve to stage 2 and then have full armor…then strike the hunters first to try and get a down penalty or two, but get outta there before your armor is gone if at all possible. There is a forum post giving tips for hunters and monsters so please continue browsing the forums and also keep playing…you will pick it up in no time! Hunters are a bit easier to play at the get-go because we’re already so used to playing humans with guns, and play with teams. Monster does require a little bit more of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it can be downright difficult for the hunters to find you before stage 2, and usually that’s when you want to bring the first fight to them!


Learning curve does not equal balance issue. If all game caters to people who dont know how to play, then there would be a balancing issue.


So don’t say that the monster needs to be buffed, or hunters nerfed, say that the tutorials are ineffective. I already have tons of feedback regarding tutorials. They have mentioned that there is a more developed tutorial, but said it didn’t make it into this Alpha.


sorry dude but it sounds like you and your friends are really bad at this game, I have played a game where I was sneaky and did not get into a fight until I was level 3. Unfortunately the team was good and killed me, but still playing as a monster is not that hard, the way you make it sound is you are just really bad, do you use your smell so you can know where they are?


so, by this logic…people who have never done something should not be taught? Yeah…lets just let them learn on there own…thats a great policy.


I’m just going to assume you’re being rude


But who would say that a games biggest downfall is the lack of the tutorial? Did you read OP at all?


There is a tutorial in the game? but not in the alpha bcs it could spoil a shit ton of things i would suppose. The game is balanced. deal with it now someone close this topic? :slight_smile:


I am sure that when the game drops there will be a tutorial process. This has been talking about on the forums since the first closed alpha and I am pretty sure they will have something in place, just not for this Alpha…maybe the Beta.


There will be a full comprehensive tutorial in the full release. In the mean time you have to make due with other sources. :frowning:

Luckily one of our mods made a HUGE, absolutely giant guide on these very forums! Check it out!


I did. You don’t have to be snippy. I’m not trying to attack you. I’ve been following this game and it’s development for a long time. The telemetrics are showing VERY close win/loss ratios from the previous Alpha as well as internal testing. The Monster has a higher learning curve. That is all. You don’t EVER base balance issues on new players fresh to a game on the first day of release. If after several days we see one side with an 80% win/loss ratio then that would need to be addressed. As it is right now, almost everyone playing has never even read much about the game. When everyone is a nub, hunters have n advantage because it’s familiar. The monster is NOT familiar for most people that haven’t read up on the game. Hence the lack of good tutorials imo.


I’ve yet to lose as the monster (8 wins) and have got to stage 3 6 times maybe it’s not the game…


Megapost incoming:

[quote=“dchoover1987, post:1, topic:19796, full:true”]
So, the Monster is physically unplayable.[/quote]

…What? It controls and handles perfectly fine. Odd comment to start with.

You’re given a head start at the beginning of the round to put some distance between you and the drop off point. That should buy you some time to eat some weaker animals.

I’ve only handled the Goliath but he is insanely mobile when he needs to be. Make sure you’re using your leap ability and climbing up surfaces when you need to. You can easily disappear from the hunters entirely with a few leaps.

How so? Again, if this is mobility, make sure you’re using your leap to get distance. Sneaking is also insanely good and you can sneak around an entire round to level 3 without seeing the hunters once.

The healing gun actually has huge range. Try it, it’s surprised me how far away I’ve healed teammates from.

In what manner are you dying? Are the hunters finding you while you’re eating or just constantly on top of you? You can sniff while you’re eating to see hunters through terrain so they should rarely get the jump on you if you’re using it often.

Also, I rarely attack the larger animals. Unless they’re carrying a perk that you think you’ll need, it’s often not worth the extra time you spend finding them unless you’re already beefy. You can have fights with the hunters near them and use them to your advantage though!

If you’re sneaking around correctly, that is to say, crouching and only crouching, you won’t leave footprints. Daisy will still be able to track you slowly, but otherwise, you should be fine as long as you aren’t lingering.

They spawn in fixed locations, usually where you spawn yourself. You’re given that extra time in the beginning to get some distance, so if this happened, you were hanging around the spawn area. For what it’s worth, several users, including myself, have been able to take down less experienced hunters without evolving once. Some have even ambushed them the second they spawn! It’s probably not a viable tactic against veterans, though.

I actually really enjoyed that about the game. It has informative videos the first time you play a character, but otherwise, it’s something you learn with experience, much like L4D.

Stick with it. I know for the first few rounds I played, I felt more like a passenger than a participant, just kind of going with the flow to learn the absolute basics. A great way to learn playing the monster is to play the hunters, as strange as that sounds. Take note of mistakes that cost monsters the game and try not to do the same yourself. Once it clicks, it’s one of the most rewarding games I’ve played in years.