What Monsters Do In the Summer


So what do Monsters do to have fun in the summer? I know summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, but it feels like it’s summer here where I live. To mark that, I’ve made a summer themed video in my “Release the Kraken” video series. Think of this as a summer blockbuster. :wink:

So, what are your summer plans for Evolve? Or summer-like, anyway?


Lucky northerners, it’s Winter here. And as someone accustomed to heat, I am suffering. ;W;


I was expecting to see the wraith in a bikini XD

actually someone needs to shop behemoth with arm floaties while he’s in the prais the sun pose, goliath in swim trunks and kraken with a snorkeler in a one piece red and white swimsuit.


Yes. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Please, yes.


What is this “praise the sun!” pose which you speak of? I demand to know more.


Its from dark souls and when behemoth freezes he has his arms in the air. So yeah praise the sun


Do you have a picture of Bob praisin it, I’d photoshop said floaties if I had a Bob picture for it


I have a better looking one but dont have access to it


Thatll do, I’ll report back when done :bucket_salute:


Where da floatiez at, Quirky?!? :stuck_out_tongue:


I had like 10 things to photoshop (Val Lizard, Hyde lizard, Behemoth in floaties, Wraith…yeah that one was turned down real quick) so heres this for until I’m done ^.^

Val Lizard


I swear i could see everyone just chilling with one another. Especially sunny playing with the monters XD