What monster has the biggest Weak-point/Head-shot area?


While playing some solo matches to get head-shot mastery on my hunters i noticed some monsters were easier to score head shots on than others, not just because of their movement but their actual weak point size. It seems to me that Wraith has the smallest and hardest to hit weak-point, then Goliath as the second hardest. Early Behemoth had a huge weak-point but currently i cant tell Which weak-point is the easiest to hit,Kraken or behemoth. I think Kraken has the larger weak-point area, but since it flies around its harder to actually hit, and Behemoth’s may be smaller in area but it’s slower movement may make it the easier target. Then taking into account no sane hunter wants to get up close and personal with behemoth makes Kraken the more viable monster to go up against if you want a head shot mastery.Some feed back and opinions are highly appreciated on this to find out what Monsters are more viable for head shot mastery and when its a good idea to aim for the head during actual game-play, Im going to guess that Kraken is the better monster for head shots but not sure about it yet.


Now after behemoth fix, probably kraken since its easiest to hit from any distance behemoths need to be upclose


Behemoth definitely. Do defend and make the mosnter Behemoth and you will see how big its weak spot is


I would have yo say behemoth personally just run in close and unload. remeber to pick damage perk


I think Kraken as Kraken has his facing poking at you almost all the time and Behemoth usually covers his massive gut


Eh, not unless I play Assault and I just popped the shield. :wink:


PFFFFT! Coward how i did it with abe n crow


Here. :smile:



Kraken for sure.


Id like to thank my mum and dad oh and tsr for making this game