What Monster do you think tastes the best deep fried? - Crow's cook out


Crow seems to enjoy the wildlife on Sher and ocasionally makes remarks on how the monsters would taste.

Obviously Kraken would be best roasted and grilled.


I think Wraith would taste like a straw berry shortcake :stuck_out_tongue:


If were talkin monsters than probably a Kraken. But that Crow-Billed sloth looks like it would be damn tasty. And who could say no to grilled Tyrant?


Kraken, Ive always been partial to seafood


Goliath will probably taste like pork.
Kraken like tako.
Wraith will be… soft and slimy.
Behemoth is just hard to eat… literally. Need to cook for a good few hours to soften it.


Kraken, because he will taste like fried kalamarie.
Goliath will probably taste like spicy pulled pork.
Wraith will taste like……I don’t know. Cake?
Begemoth will taste like cold hamburgers or salted ribs.


Behemoth, problably crunchy, but delicious on the inside.


The fifth Monster, [REDACTED]. Oh, what? I’m not meant to talk about that until the 19th of- oh, alright, my bad.

As you were, gents.


I hate you. I love you, but I hate you.


But…what did I do to warrant such hatred?

Then again, what did I do to warrant that love?

And while we’re here, according to quantum physics wouldn’t the hatred- thereby referred to as emotion A- and the love- thereby referred to as emotion B- counteract each other and result in an emotional singularity otherwise known as not giving a damn with effects similar to the symptoms of bipolarity, depression and demonic possession?


I think you mean boil the behemoth :stuck_out_tongue:


and then put some butter on him.


A whole stick of it


Just rub the damn thing all over his back. The heat from his magma and being boiled will melt it and it will saturate the skin with buttery goodness.


Lightly salt and slap a fried egg on top and you’ve got yourself behemoth cuisine


Obsidian beetle. It has chicken as a reference!


Baked Behemoth.
Kraken Calamari.
Grilled Goliath.
Roasted Wraith.

Sound good?


Boiled Behemoth
Kraken Catetitori
Grilled Goliath
And Rotisserie Wraith

Are my only corrections ^.^


Alliteration, man. It has to be.


Woops! Fixed it it lol