What monster do you face the most in multiplayer?


Once again, just curious😃 I seem to be constantly sprinting away from Meteor Goliath’s morning breath. Gorgon takes a close second place though.


Wraith, by a large margin.



Wraith most common (4/10)
G/MG then after (3/10)
Bob/Gorgon bit less than Goliaths (2/10)
Kraken rarely nowdays (1/10)


All I see is gorgon


I bet you’re not exaggerating either


I get a good variety. The only monster I don’t really see is Kraken.


50/50 with Wraith and Kraken. Though i’ve only played Eleven matches.


Not 1 bit.


Mmhh…I see Wraiths pretty often. Also Meteor Goliath and Behemoth. Normal Goliath got pretty rare.


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I actually see a pretty good mix of everything, with Kraken being the least common.



I see what you did there that nobody else saw…

Or cared enough to comment…

But I saw it…

Ya sneaky sneaky.


Wraith by a long shot.


Really interestingly on ps4 at least I find each day there’s a new monster like say on Saturday everyone was playing as Goliath then Sunday it was mostly Wraith today probably be Gorgons weird really.


Been seeing nothing but divebombing AS Krakens and stunlocking Wraiths in both Skirmish and Ranked at Silver Master or higher.
There’s still some really good (or tryhard if winning is that important to you) players who know how to fully utilize Kraken’s maxed out Aftershock radius or Wraith’s stunlocking melee swipes (which is still possible in the current patch with good timing and ability usage. Once you get hit mid-air it’s pretty much GG).

Said Monster playstyles are nowhere near as OP as they used to be not so long ago, but they’re definitely still the strongest.


Gorgon lately, but most of the time Kraken and Wraith.


Wraith still. Behemoth probably the least.


I see Gorgon a lot, but she seems a bit lackluster. She seemed to be played up to be this terrifying creature, but I rarely ever feel a sense of dread when someone picks her. She just feels like your usual monster, except she can stick to walls. Going back to my idea for a monster, Venim, if she had some kind of Hallucinogen projectile attack, which would make the hunter have Gorgon’s face suddenly flash onto the screen at random times, that would be truly terrifying. It would keep hunters on edge, and would really turn the tide if the assault got hit in a fight.

Whenever I fight Gorgon, I feel like it’s “just another hunt”. I wish we had a monster that makes us think, “Oh crap, we’ve got to look out for --------”.


Mostly Wraiths
Many Gorgons / Goliaths / Meteor Goliaths
Almost no Behemoths/Krakens

Only talking about Hunt.


I’ve been playing monster quite a lot recently, and i usually go gorgon if i want to stealth, wraith if i want to have a stage 1 then a stage three fight, and i go with my best monster last; Kraken. For those games where i want to try hard. Ranked 662 locally last i checked on PC.