What Monster Combos do you all Prefer?


After the #2 Kraken on Xbox stunlocked/bursted me into oblivion this one game (I seriously couldn’t even tell what was happening, my screen was nothing but blue lightning explosions every couple seconds) I figured I’d try an learn some of my own moves.

I never really came up with much, other than for my Behemoth and Kraken. Even had a fella note me on one of them after a couple games.

To me these are my insta gib-360-noscope-mlg- game enders as stage 2

My personal signature Behemoth combo is as follows:

Roll until signs of hunter damage followed by heavy, then fissure to cancel the heavy animation early, tongue grab, roll till sign of damage, heavy hit, fissure cancel, rinse repeat (they usually get downed after the first combo, anything else is usually overkill) pop a rockwall once they’re down and you can bend the fella how you wish. Not sure if it’s considered a stun lock combo but people hardly move once I do it, so there’s that…

Shielding only slows the process but you can constantly loop it.

Kraken is much more simple:

Vortex, multiple banshee mines, aftershock divebomb, heavy hit

Pretty much an insta downer. I can hardly care for any stunlocking if it does (never paid attention for it) because with this one, not even proper jetpacking stops it.

I think I’ll edit in some clips so I can actually validate the combos later

So with that all down and done, are there any combos you all perhaps use when you want to secure that win as efficiently as possible?


As kraken I down a guy, wait for a team mate to come and revive him. Do a late lightning strike so that it hits the two of them right as the guy is revived then follow with a vortex. Two peole downed and one has two strikes now


When playing as the Goliath, if you time it just right, you can can simultaneously pull off a Rock throwing leap smash move all at once doing massive damage if landed (rock throw damage + leap smash damage). :wink:


Monster Combo?

Abduct, Warp Blast from the sky. ^.^


This, brutal combo. And when they land, a few melees to finish it and if you have one point in SN, you can burst them down and eat them. Takes ten seconds.


None because if a monster pulls off a combo he/she is overpowered… lol I love Rock Wall and Lava Bombs.


Step 1 WP from behind, better when hit all 4 Hunters and they dindnt see you coming.
Step 2 pop Decoy, wait for decoy runs out.
Step 3 WP Again.
Step 4 WIN