What medic is most played at high tier?


I’m a medic for my four man and they force me to play laz. Was wondering which medics are played higher tier so I can branch out


Val mainly. She’s just a solid pick right now.


Normally Val since shes a safe and reliable option.

Slim has about, 4 times the amount of healing she has - but hes a risky pick since his healing can be completely negated by hard focusing and smart traversals.


Just gonna throw this in here…

You shouldn’t let someone force you to pick a character they like. Pick who you want to pick.

On topic, however, Val tends to be the one I see picked most often, with Caira and Laz being really close.


I love Slim but I do think Val is really the safest bet.


As they all said, Val is the safest bet. However, all Medics excel at different things. It’s really just you finding which one you’re most effective with, and which you can support your team best with.

Take me for example. As a Medic/Monster main, I’m usually playing Medic for my premades. Although I know that Val is generally considered the safest choice, I’m a shit Val player. However, I’m a great Emet player! I fit more comfortably into the Emet seat than the Val seat, and I’m able to use Emet to his maximum potential.

It’s all about finding the character you love, and sticking with it. You’re a great Val? Awesome! You love playing Slim? That’s great! It’s whatever is best for you. Just remember: you should never place the success of your team over your own enjoyment. It’s a game, and games are supposed to be fun.


What beautiful words


Lol, sorry if what I said was strange. I’ve been cramming late work since 3:00 pm, and it’s… 9:45 pm at the time of writing this. Very tired, lol.


Have to love Val, but that Medgun is a roman candle when being used that leads you right back to the medic, so I hope you have some way of getting away from the Monster. Aside from that she acts like a mini Support with weak spots (Lazarus as well) and a mini Trapper with the slow off the Tranq and the highlight.


Hahaha no way dude, your post was right on point. It’s totally true what you said. I mean, that’s why there are so many options for hunters and why each one is different. It’s all personal preference.

I once played a match where I chose Slim and this other dude playing support was freaking out being like, “oh no! Dude! Let me be medic let me be medic please! Slim is garbage!” And dude would not shut up. So we start the round (arena mode) and we demolished the monster (Goliath or Bob)and only had one player incapped one time (which was me). The guy didn’t have much to say after that.

Point is, he thought Slim SUCKED and I know I’m comfortable using him. So I did and we dominated.


I’ve been curious about this one for a while, I know a lot of people use quick switch or jetpack recharge on Val, but does anyone use health regen? and if so, how good is it?


lol, I remember always having those moments :slight_smile: I also love using Slim. @UndeadRonin1 Don’t let your team force you to stick with Laz unless if he’s who you’re mostly comfortable with, Val is simple to get used to and is also a strong pick, so you can try her out.


(Rogue) Val.


Val, RV, Slim


Usually RV is banned so Val is picked.


I find Slim really good against Elder Kraken also on small maps too.

Val is the best at present and her CC is good so yeah but all have a role to play against different monsters.


Val and Lazarus are. I’m actually seeing some golds and higher silver play slim now. In the right hands and with proper coordination slim can be a real pain. I don’t really see any emets or caira but I do see the occasional rv.


Val. Good heals, good utility, versatile. Rogue for damage.

Slim for FotM.


All the medics are in a good place, both Val’s are the thought of as consensus "best"medic… Like others have stated, screw your buddies and play what you enjoy… That’s what’s great about this game, every characters has their own style, soon use that one that matches yours… I play medic most as Hunter myself, and I rotate my pick after every match, I like the variety


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