What Medic are you scared of the most?

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  • Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim

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A good laz is a scary laz

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Caira can do one, everybody else isn’t that problematic

If it wasn’t for spores, Caira.
As long as spores exist, Slim.

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Why would you even consider putting val… I play val only If I know monster is low skilled :stuck_out_tongue:

People that are scared of my dear Caira? Nothing to fear about her ;-;

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That healing output tho ;w;
And fire is scary D:

I’m scared of Caira because she has the highest healing outpot whice almost nullifys your damage, but those spore clouds really keep you on your toes.

If you have Caira all you need is to Dodge attacks and its a lot scarier with Cabot or bucket

It’s almost 50/50 for me between Laz and Slim, but I vote Slim because he makes me blind to everything. Lazarus, while he may be difficult to sniff out…it is on YOU as the monster to down another teammate and then camp the body as much as possible to prevent a revive and also call out Laz so you can finally get him a strike as well.

Slim has caused me more match losses than Lazarus, but I admit a good Lazarus is a game ender as well, if you just can’t manage to get him down you might as well stop wasting your time on everyone else. Flee if you can and re-position to wait out his cloak. A lot of that time for me though, I usually end up dying when I finally do get him focused downed.

Slim…well, I see him in a lineup and I shudder because a good Slim you can almost never down…unless you have magic eyes or something. I find it generally tough to get hunters down since they can jetpack straight up and it’s hard to hit one when they are airborn above your head, and as you give chase the other hunters are whittling you down. Hunters are hard enough to focus when you can see them…but Slim, he makes me nearly blind. With all the action going on it is very difficult to focus on any one hunter, and I can’t see exactly who I am trying to focus out. Often while I can see the hunters through the cloud I don’t know which is which, and a good assault or even support will usually tank your hits meant for other hunters by getting in your way ALL THE TIME. Yes, you can leave the cloud, but you then sacrifice the damage you’ve been dealing while trying to focus down a hunter. As soon as you back off, a good medic will capitalize on it and heal everyone up asap. The damage you’ve been dealing then, is useless and you’ve taken some serious damage while wasting your efforts.

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Yeah… I guess fire is kinda scary. And yes her healing is wonderful :3

Val. A thousand times Val.

Slim all the way XD Laz I can deal with. Those Slims with Sunny mess me up… Especially throwing that Jack in there.

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Can I make you president of the communication department of the “Nerf Slim” committee?

[enter like.gif here]

Got home, got the gif right here:

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Wheres the selection of not scared of any of them, every medic is easily counter able.

Not this bastard:

Slim’s spores in their current state scare me. All I really need to say.


Seeing Slim chosen in character select screen as Monster:


Yes…this exactly, LOL!

But no, while I have my issues with Slim, I cannot lead the committee for nerfing him. I am not a very good monster player, just casual, so a lot of my issues with him are just that…MY issues. I’m an older gamer with glasses also, so my eyesight is not like you young bucks or the standard demographic’s eyesight. It plays a factor too I think, for my gameplay. I don’t think I’m good enough at monster to make a call on nerfing his spore cloud. I actually like the ability, generally speaking. It is unique and adds to the thrill of the hunt on both sides. However, I think it needs tweaking…somehow…so Slim is not just spamming spores everywhere or the character being over-spammed. If anything I think the spore cloud effect should not last as long or it requires a longer cooldown to use.



A good laz with a good team is really scary.

But I hate a good slim witb a good team more.

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a problem with Slim’s Spores? I can still see while I’m inside.
Laz is the scary one.
If having any other Medic and the Hunters make a mistake and Support is down, It can pretty much be game. With Laz you can neglect strikes. Which is a pain…