What maps do you hate?

I don’t know about anybody else but there are just two maps on in Evolve that I despise. Whenever I see them in the map queue then I just immediately take Monster of of my top priority purely because I hate playing these maps. I don’t really know why, could be the relay area or just the way the map is but I hate it as both Hunter and Monster. These two maps are Refueling Tower and Orbital Drill. On RF I can deal with being Monster as that map doesn’t bother me that much but OD is the worst map in my opinion. I can’t stand playing it as Hunter or Monster purely because if you fight in the relay area it is a swift death as Hunter and because of that Monsters must fight outside in the extremely inclined surfaces perfect for juking but if the monster is the god-forsaken Behemoth then GG, a Stage 3 Behemoth on either one of these maps can just put up a Rock Wall and pound the relay for 6 seconds which is enough to take out a third if not a fourth of the relay’s health.

So I ask everyone, what maps do you dispise (if any) and what are they?

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As a hunter player, I hate the following maps
Broken Hill Foundry
Broken Hill Mine


Refueling tower because fps drops D:
And orbital drill because UUUUUUUUUGH.

Oh yeah, thats why I hate it :smile: I can play Ultra High no problem but damn Refueling Tower >_>

Orbital drill just depresses me. I dont mind the layout but the atmosphere…


Refuelling Tower, Fusion Plant. Anything with that grass that means you can’t see what’s going on.


Broken Hill Foundry.
I don’t hate Broken Hill Mine, but I still vote to skip it most of the time.

I think both of the maps sounded really good in theory, but the theory didn’t play out in practice. That said, I have had some pretty good fights on Foundry, especially at the relay, but the chase just feels terrible.

I also don’t particularly like the acid maps just because it feels odd for me that only this one biome has any sort of ‘extra’ environmental hazard. It’s minimal damage and easily avoidable, so it’s just an irritant more than anything else, especially since there’s nothing comparable on the other map types. Feels extraneous. I don’t vote to skip them or anything though, and some of the acid maps are actually my favorite ones to play on as far as layout is concerned.

Bonus list of favorites: Aviary, Refueling Tower, Weather Control.

Wraith trap

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The Foundry for me. It’s too damn small as a Monster and it’s too damn complex as a Hunter.


I only dislike Wraith Trap and The Dam as the monster because I can never get away.

But otherwise I enjoy all the maps.

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That’s funny because I never have any issues getting away from them on Wraith Trap. There are like no choke points - the map is pretty much one giant circle.


I’m probably doing it wrong.

Broken Hill Mine because I’m terrible at jetpack management and this map makes it worse

Yeah in Wraith Trap if the hunters are chasing close behind, the monster can really abuse their straight-line speed advantage. Take a right-angle turn and bail out, especially if you can break LOS just beforehand.

Of course, if the trapper’s playing smart and sticking toward the middle of the map, there’s no avoiding it, so you might just be playing against people who generally know what they’re doing.

Every map but medlab. Medlab is life

I dislike the Dam because of how terrible the wildlife spawns can sometimes be and how easy it is for hunters to wipe out nearly all of the wildlife without it respawning within a sensible time frame. I love the layout and feel of the map however.

I severely dislike the Foundry, in both Hunt and Arena Mode. The map is too small for the monster to create distance between itself and the hunters, while the elevation seems too punishing on the hunters. And then there’s the spawns that feel really out of place in some of the areas.

Since Wraith Trap is so popular at being hated… I’ve gotta admit that I don’t dislike it as much as I think the map favors the hunters because of the openness that it has. Not to mention the relay, which can be terrible to take down and terrible to defend at the same time. Overall I can score a win on this map though, so I have no right to complain much, haha.

Aviary (because I suck on it with anyone but trapper)

Fusion Plant (I still sort of love but EVERY custom is always fusion plant and EVERY time I watch a stream it’s fusion plant.

Looooove the broken hills :wink:

Well I wouldn’t say I hate it, but, I think this map is a little too overgeneralizing.


I love that map! i’m from Oil and Cowboy land but love in The Centre of the Universe!

I’m from the center of the universe, but, sadly, I’m down in the terrible politicians zone.