What map(s) would you like to have revamped first? [POLL]


Wraith trap is UP!! Yay! I think that means that it’s finalized, amiright @Insane_521?

With that we saw how lovely the changes have been so far on this one map alone, along with Distillery I’m very hyped to know how this new upgrade will go.

#General Map, that you’d like to be done after TU9 launches.

  • Brokenass Hill Foundry
  • Brokenass Hill Mine
  • Aviary
  • Barracks
  • Fusion Plant
  • Medlab
  • Orbital Drill
  • Refueling Tower
  • Rendering Plant
  • The Dam
  • Weather Control Tower

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#Should the Murder Pits be worked on ASAP before we move forward with most of the other maps?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Raisins

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#Sould Defend maps get twerks as well? if so what map should be updated first? #GiveDefendAChance.

  • The map that’s always blue
  • The one covered with a white powdery substance
  • No indoor plumbing
  • The map that grows magical green herbs
  • No :miley:
  • Raisins :gorgon:

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TU 09 Map Updates: Orbital Drill is up! And a Weather Control tease!

Oh Azmi… :smirk:


*tweaks #10twerklimit


I think the problem is that i just like raisins…


I literally have no idea what the last poll is even voting on. Chrono has a lot to answer for.


What about map adaptations?

  • No | because stuff and thangs.
  • Raisins, the answer is always raisins.

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Pink plants pink trees, pink clouds, pink footsteps and even pink relays.


The murder pits are an issue?


Let’s try to avoid traumatizing @ToiletWraith again…


Too many little nooks that both hunters and monsters can get stuck on, as well as performance issues.


It’s just Weather Control, Tower isn’t in the name.

Also, where was the option for all maps? KappaNotKappa


Its about which we’d like to get worked on first, as it would be virtually imposible for them to update all of them at once.


Colonial Water and Power is the most monster-favored Defend map and needs a definite rework. The last generator is impossible to climb with all the vertical walls and monster can camp at the top, spamming abilities…


Oh god yes the blue map is sickly as a hunter as you cannot climb on the mill things.




I remember this show.


that is just creepy.

Confirmed maps that are revamped at TU9 launch.

Wraith Trap,
Orbital Drill,

fourth one is unknown yet.


Weather Control is the 3rd one confirmed. orbital Drillw as the 4th one announced.


I hope they do rendering plant soon. It’s so hard to escape the hunters there, and there are several spots the hunters can exploit the shit out of


@ToiletWraith come see the beauty of this thread