What map is this

Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.1.1 (PC) & 6.0.1 (Console) Notes:

… wait a minute “MapsAdjusted Refueling Tower, Orbital Drill, Ice Crashsite and The Dam to fix exploitable areas”

Ice Crashsite? Which map is this again?

They sometimes accidentally use their internal names in those. Like Rock Prison and Crashsite (Fusion Plant.)

So, a map with ice, and a crash? Do we have one?

Medlab I would assume.

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Possibly, Medlab has some snow and wreckage in one of the corners.

It’s not Distillery, that’s a snow one too. Drawing blanks on the others.

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Aviary also has snow but Medlab is the only map that has wreckage and snow.

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