What Makes A Good Anime?


Yep, I can’t wait to see more of the Beast titan and I’m a little scared, he may end up killing some of our favorite characters, since he is “the strongest titan” and I would like to see your theory :smile:


What makes a good anime for me is when the creators dont use cgi and keep with the same .-. animation style


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Don’t read o_o let me put the spoiler stuff
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I love your theory as well, you add things that I personally over looked… I’ll give you a proper response once I get back from work later. c:


Do you have that from the manga or is there more anime material than season 1 by now?


Good girlfriend you got there.


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I come back to this topic to see it blacked out more than a CIA black-ops report…


They don’t want to spoil things for people. ^.-


Its better that way


Obvi. I didn’t read any of them mind you, didn’t want the spoiler flood to drown my hype train for AoT.

*Anyway, who here likes ROMANCE anime?


I like practically all genres. Romantic comedies like My Bride is a Mermaid are gold.


I have that one on my list. The last romance I watched was Nisekoi 2, which was good but not as good as the first season. Before that I watched Golden Time, which was amazing but really emotionally intense.


I find that if a show gets more than one season it isn’t as good from what a majority have told me.


The second season is rarely ever as good, but there are some gems. I find the ones that tend to have more consistency are the ones with arcs instead of seasons. They tend to just keep going and going and there are ones out there that stay pretty good, like Fairy Tail, and One Piece.



This got derailed like the Yuno Gasai thread.


How so? XD


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