What major changes do you want


I have a few complaints about the hunters:
the monster player is so easily found by bucket’s annoying uav. watching the tournaments I found that this was just WAY too unfair I mean 3 seconds is all it takes to be tracked just like that. Sorry but you have already failed big time turtle rock just by making the hunters way too OP(x5). The monsters are that much tank, yes lots of hp but the armour goes so quickly. Seriously I AM NOT liking what i am seeing. hunters being too OP and get rid of bucket’s cloak at least its bad enough that lazarus can cloak and revive dead hunters. I really really really hope you remember how the first game of evolve ended with Goliath only with the slightest tiniest bit of health left.


wow whats with the nae say buddy first off the hunters are not op i even saw you post on laz being op but its been said a lot already laz is not op he is a different kind of healer unlike val who can keep everyone’s health up to prevent any hunter from going down laz cant but can rez upon a incap plus hes riffle is weaker then vals he is what he needs to be ill agree if your not on top of laz he can be a pain but just because you need to have a strategy to beat him does not entitle the crown of op. and buckets uav being to much i mean really hank has a shield gun a laser rifle and orbital bombardment and your pissed at a detached head that has to not only find then hold on the monster to track him for a moment in a game that the focus is to hunt… have fun thinking such and to goliath having only the slightest tiniest bit of health that was a staged game to show people what all the chr could do a lot of people are mad that there is few monster wins but its easy to be a hunter to anyone who has ever played a fps the monster takes time to learn hell i just finished watching one of the e3 games again where swifter gets caught 2 in the dome one time with no armor and one with and only lost a bar of health by playing the monster smart only reason he faild in the end is he got down right with the hunters allowing hydes flamethrower and sentry’s and everything else had clear and easy time on him he has no one to blame but hes self he should have had a easy victory but he hit stage 3 let it go to hes head and every game i see is like that little mess ups that get you caught in bad situations that cause death. p.s. stealth only works if your not shooting or using ability’s so its not a game breaker but this is only my 2 cents


already received this criticism from others, but this was before I saw the devs play so now hunters not so OP, just have to be good at playing monster


exactly and im sorry i kinda ranted on you but i have gone to some other sites and forums and just getting tired of people not looking into the game facts or assuming something just from watching a video or two and saying its going to suck.plus been a long night that was not good i was not trying to be a evolve thumper in your face but i have been excited about this game for a while and put a lot of thought into it mostly the balance system and at first i see something like like but after thinking about it is not as grate as i thought or visa verse but i see how all the ability’s work well with others for both hunters and monster and the only thing i want to see is krakens banshee mines move faster at higher lvls or do more damage in a lot of videos during e3 people used them but never did much hunters would dodge them with ease of take a shot or two at them to make them explode but if it can free up fire for only a sec still worth useing


Major changes… I want the game now instead of in October. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think asking for changes to the game when I haven’t played the game and only have limited amount of streams to watch would be jumping to conclusions… putting the cart before the horse so to speak :smile:


Keep in mind that if Bucket is flying his UAV his body is just sitting there doing nothing. SO, that means either the team left him behind, in which case they are a hand down until Bucket drops the UAV and catches up, (hopefully he doesn’t get nabbed by wildlife) OR they are standing there guarding Bucket’s shell, which means they are not moving towards the monster…and the monster has a good lead on the team.


Imagine a player as Bucket and then they use the UAV but then the monster finds Bucket first and then pounces him. Evil. :smile:


Mildly terrifying prospect if the teammates are unaware he stopped to survey lmao


And from what I saw with the E3 footage, it looks like the monster moves a LOT faster than the hunters so if the trapper isn’t even close by well, I don’t see the UAV being OP then as the monster will just run for about 15 seconds until the track wears off.


I don’t want you to disappoint me like Jake Solomon did with Xcom.



Xcom was excellent.

For Evolve, I think the biggest change I would like is a more impactful ending than just Fade to Black: “Hunters/Monster Wins”.

A cinematic for each map if the monster wins, the hunters hauling the carcass back to a waiting dropship, something to more signify your victory than a banner.


This is literally my legitimate strategy I posted in another thread… If I am against Bucket, I will make a false trail, sneak back to spawn and wait for the others to run off, then pounce Bucket and get an easy first strike.


On PC is was bug ridden with a pitiful tech tree. Mulitplayer was broken from the start too. They did do a fabulous hype job though I give them credit there. Never buy another Firaxis game again. Hoping 2k didn’t force Turtle to rush what could be a great game with a fresh twist on shooters.

Would love to see a stealth monster who wins by nerfing the hunter opposed the argo choices.
Cause them to see things: loss comm with the group, screen goes black, ctrls switch (random of the 3).
Monster has a delayed viewing: shown where he was 5 seconds ago.
Monster can go to a corporeal form or like a blob.


What I would like to see different in the game is map specific objectives rather than a bunch of Generators. Why not put in things like Controls System, or a Satellite, Life Support Systems, or even Weapon’s Cache, at least to make it different. Or map specific things, like on the Dam you destroy a fail safe system that opens up the floodgates, letting the colony get destroyed by millions of tons of water. Or for a snow/ice map, destroying the air control systems, or opening something to let an avalanche/blizzard get in. There are so many opportunities…
Also, I would love a Hunter victory screen, of them hauling the head to show to the colonists, or them posing for a picture on the monster’s body…


3 years. Such rush.


Xcom was a rush you mean?


i agree i think hunters should be about 10% less health. Lazarus is too OP.


Lazarus should have less health? I’m onfused but one of the devs confirmed all the hunters have the same health.


I don’t know where you heard this one… Hyde has more health than Markov, which has been confirmed, and all classes have less health than the Assault class… I believe it goes Assault>Support>Hunter and Medic very close to the same hp. Also, I BELIEVE, I can’t remember if this was confirmed though, but I think there is a perk for more health. I asked @MacMan to give us a list of their normal amounts of Health, and standard Damage per second/per skill amounts as well as a few other things in the Questions for Developers thread. He has posted some numbers, but not the base Health and base DPS/DPSkill, for reasoning being they are probably still tweaking it for balance purposes.


It was actually on the Why Pick Markov instead of Hyde topic. It was actually @MacMan who said it.