What made L4D so great for me


Split screen. A term not seen often in the current generation of gaming. Left 4 dead was a jew on the multi player experience both on and offline evolve us a great game I’m going to buy it and I’ll probably buy the majority of DLC but one thing I will forever wish evolve had is split screen I understand that the limitations of the consoles makes this difficult for the developers but I though why not do what left 4 dead did? They did not include the ability to play as the infected offline for whatever reason I assume because it took out the element of surprise and that’s exactly what they could do for evolve their main concern was that the monster wouldn’t have as much foliage to hide in due to rendering limits but wouldn’t it work if you could only have 2 people play as hunter and track the monster and just make the monster more likely to run than hide? I only ask because the best kind of multi player is split screen nothing is more fun than having your friends over and playing a game in the same room. Someone please tell me if this is even remotely possible to make this great game even better


If you’re only having two hunters that seems like a radically different gamemode than the current ones.

Also paragraphs would probably make that easier to read then just a wall of text


Sorry I’m tired and also lazy but I mean only allow split screen between 2 players with the ability to swap between the 4 hunters


Just too technically impossible to pull off well. Performance would suffer.


Do you mean in terms of stability?


Left4dead was a jew?


I think he meant jewel


In terms of being able to render the graphics