What macros do you use for you keyboard and/or mouse?


Hey fellow forumers!

I have a new keyboard arriving when I get home from work today, and it has six G-keys and 3 macro-modes to switch between. My old/current keyboard had the same amount. I’m mostly switching to get a mechanical keyboard + aesthetic reasons.

But even though it’s not going to be a big change for me, I’m still feeling all giddy and want to make more use of the macro keys at my disposal. I never really used them much for my current keyboard.

The only G-keys I programmed on my old/current keyboard was to:

  • Minimize all windows.
  • Open the program I use to make my ps3 controller work for PC.

So I wanted to her what you people use your G-keys for, or if you even use them at all! :slight_smile:


what are G keys and what do they have to do with macros?

I’m only familiar with rapid fire keys, and thumb keys on the mouse. :laughing:


G-keys = programmable keys for your keyboard :slightly_smiling:

You can make them do simple stuff like saying:
G1 = ctrl + c
G2 = ctrl + v

Or you can program them to open programs, memorize keystrokes etc.

One of my friends used to play a lot of BF3 and had a G-key that made him instantly type “HELI!” in his squad-chat when flying in a helicopter, to signal to his pilot/gunner that an enemy helicopter was on their tail.


Oh like that, my mouse has such a feature of macroing but it’s limited to the two thumb buttons. For chats I just like to use my numpad, source games are easy to binds so it’s really great for say buying items or spamming the chat. :laughing:


You don’t really need macros in evolve. I just have 1-2-3-4 on buttons on the side of my mouse, and it’s more than sufficient, very practical with monster since they’re so ability-reliant, compared to hunters.


Hmm… I’ve never really bothered with macros.
The only kind of macro keyboard I might consider investing in is one of those keyboards that has like 5 different clipboard keys, which really helps in coding, administration or even image editing.

The only “macro” key I’m using on my current keyboard is one of those typical top toolbars that has a few media buttons compatible for Windows Media Player.
I use it to play silly chase music as soon as the dome drops.


Not really asking about Evolve specific macros. Just macros in general. Maybe some windows or browser commands to make life easier that some people might not have thought about :slightly_smiling:


Well, basically I use only one: Ctrl + F4 - to close tabs. Generally, when browsing the web, I click on like 20-30 links that I open in new tabs and when done reading, Use one mouse button to close them instead of trying to hit the small x in the corner.


As a man with a fully programmable keyboard, I even have a macro for Crysis that times up a grab - aim - throw - switch to power mode - pause - fire.


Yeah, that’s a neat one :slightly_smiling:
I think I’ll make some macros dedicated to chrome usage, so I have a macro for closing tabs, reopening the latest closed tabs and then switching back and forth between tabs.

I will become the king of tabs.


I have 4 macro keys near my right thumb for jetpack dodging fast into any direction. I never remember to use them though…