What livestreams do you watch?


Just wondering who are some popular evolve livestreamers you guys watch?


Somewhatawesome gaming o:


Can you change the category to ‘General’ since we are talking about Evolve?

@The_Specialist @Rapterror @del009


All good to go!

Also @Katt have at it


Not many ppl are streaming Evolve actively at this point. From those who still do, the only one I like is Puggims… well, Ryke676 is ok too. All other recent streams I’ve seen make my eyes bleed with their painful to watch game-play.


There’s SomewhatAwesome gaming like Tsathoggua said. Also there’s GrizzleMarine too. They are both here on the forum too which is awesome. :slightly_smiling:


All other streamers right now…


I like watching @SuperBadJuJu on Twitch.


Aurora Symphony(Frozen_Synapse A.K.A Fruedian Slipnapse) A.K.A. Autoerotic Sympathy
LordDeath564 A.K.A. El Dee


Yea but these are like… dead. I mean not active for a long time.



except puggims



And others that I can’t remember right now.

Also, I find it funny that I’m getting tagged when people are looking for regulars now :smiley_cat:

Edit: Oh yeah, and demonhunter1245.


I could have done it by my self, if it wasn’t for those darn flags…


Appreciate the recommendations. I’m typically on Thursdays and Saturdays, Sundays if there’s a tourney. I add in extra days randomly / when content releases. Second the votes for Ryke676 and Puggims, both awesome to watch and they stream Evolve on a regular basis. SavageBandage is always a fun watch as is Prowtotype. aSeeds should be on more often now too I believe. There’s actually quite a few fun streams out there for Evolve at the moment.

Edit: Oh yeah, Ghodwraith as well! Team captain for Rever Fever, streams his practices.


Hey, I try to stream also…


Hey, where are the PS4 players in this thread?! :wink: I like watching the dudes Demonhunter1245, Jayrob2k72 and Fluttershys Yay!


Forgot about you :smiley_cat:




your glorious return?


Bump–because I’m starting to stream again.

So, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and am also starting to broadcast more as. My twitch is the same as my forum name, and my platform is PS4. If you ever get the chance feel free to stop by sometime. Had a surprise appearance by Kali and Ladie the other day :slight_smile: there are past broadcast on there if you want to check those out–of some 2.0 and quick play.

Edit: for those who know him… @KomodoLover is also pretty active in threre!