What Launcher will Back 4 Blood use on PC?


With the latest trend in Launcher exclusivity, which is bad for gamers, Will it be on all platforms or shudder only on Epic… Because really I won’t buy anything on Epic. Which is a shame. Please be on GoG and Steam. Choice is pro-consumer.

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I really hope it’ll be on Steam



What’s wrong with the Epic Game Store? If anything it actually tries to keep things clean and their free game selection is pretty neat. I like their approach more than Valve’s.

Although if TRS is looking to develop B4B with Mod Support in mind, it wouldn’t surprise me if it therefore would come out on Steam.

But hey, a lot of things can change from here until the release of the game. Epic Game Store might improve (beginning of Steam wasn’t a fairy tale either) so anything can happen.



Launcher exclusivity isn’t bad for gamers, because gamers do not have to exclusively use one launcher. It may be inconvenient, if you’re not used to using more than just Steam, but it is not bad for gamers nor is it anti-consumer.

Games changing the terms of what people have pre-purchased or backed to take advantage of exclusivity, that’s a little different. But I would hope that taking lessons from what’s been going on TRS and WB would be sure to make a choice over distribution at an appropriate time before gamers feel they are being messed around by changes.

But even then, maybe we should realise it’s not the end of the world if the launcher changes, especially if we’ve already committed to buying at a certain price :thinking:

Also one thing to note is that if, as a purely hypothetical number for mathematical ease, this game was to take $10mil in PC revenue, assuming all would have been on Steam if not for some exclusivity to Epic, then using Epic alone would not only potentially net them some cash to help development, but also an extra $1.8mil in funding through sales.

I think gamers need to take their foot off the gas a little and think about what that extra money to a developer could mean, especially when the same gamers that might complain about launcher exclusivity as an “anti-consumer” are almost certainly going to find it easy to find “anti-consumer” sentiment in post-launch microtransactions if they were to exist in this game.

All of this is far too early days though, and I am not trying to dissuade anyone here from giving views on what they as gamers and fans of B4B would want and expect, but I feel that there is more than a little hyperbole in the level of outcry against the Epic Games Store at this stage.

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@DarKastlez They’re getting a lot of flak for doing limited-time exclusive deals with publishers/developers, it limits the amount of choice a person has, being creative, it ends up being incredibly irritating having to limit myself to a certain criteria. It’s that and going against the expectations of the userbase. Deep Silver (Metro) got a lot of flak for moving Exodus to Epic exclusively after stating it in their FAQ that it would be coming to Steam. More recently another indie game moved to Epic exclusively after getting crowd-funded. My internet’s acting up otherwise I’d pull it up (I suspect Google). That’s just it from my prospective. Using UE4, I have to use Epic’s platform. As far as sales, a 12% versus a 38% or so lop off is very enticing to many publishers and developers looking to make money.

What matters at the end of the day is money; Epic poaching games from Valve shows them being competitive, and Valve needs to innovate to stay ahead. The publishers on these games are pulling some pretty stupid and anti-consumer business moves to make more money, but it’s their problem at the end of the day. I’d think better of Epic if they didn’t pull shit like this, but they need to get ahead of Valve’s market dominance some how. That was the easiest method, if it being hypothetically scummy.

@Cookimandious That’s up to the publisher, not TRS. Ideally, both platforms, but like I said: Depends on the publisher at the end of the day.

Agreed, it’s very early. Hell it reminds me the early days of Steam and the painful move to it from WON. Epic’s platform has a lot of potential, but it lacks a lot of the features Steam has now, as a platform it’s inferior in every way at the moment to Steam (they lack the catalog, features, chatrooms, etc that Steam does). They have to do this to compete atm and challenge the monolith that is Steam.

That’s on the one hand, on the other, it feels very scummy to do those exclusivity deals with publishers & developers after the game is almost ready for release. Newer releases I can understand, but older ones, not so much, especially after promising it’d come to Steam.

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Yeah, I think a lot of this mess is down to the combination of teething pains plus them really going for market share in the way they have, which I honestly can’t blame them for as it’s got to be hard to establish yourself against the behemoth that is Steam!

By the time B4B is out I doubt that most of these concerns about EGS will still exist, they feel like a very “of the moment” kind of messiness



Heh. I have access to Market Data from last year - perks of being a college student (you’d be surprised how little EA controls in the way of Market profit).

The TL;DR I can say on that is that it’s on the publishers, EGS does share some of the blame, yes, but they had two options: Put the platform in the blackroom for longer and build it more, or shoot it out and try some perfectly valid (but morally questionable) methods to get some market potential against the current behemoth and build the platform later. They obviously chose the latter.

My opinion is that the publishers are primarily to blame, Epic’s not Evil (yet), but they need to step up their game consumer-wise. This is bad PR for them.

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apparently EPIC store is a bot network that gathers information from your PC and sends it to their parent company, Tencent, in China. One of the reasons EPIC got so big



From what I heard, EGS isn’t available in China at the moment… it doesn’t change they have a horrid privacy policy though.



To be fair, the more money in a developers pocket the better. Yes Steam has more features but I think for Indie developers it is a much better (and safer) bet as they really don’t get a lot of the attention they deserve.

And to me it doesn’t really matter whether it’s Epic or Steam. Heck I haven’t touched Steam much and if players are looking for a good chat/communication system while gaming I think most still flock to things like Discord.

Some essential features that make Steam really better I think is their alt-tab function and Mod workshop.


Epic Game Store discussion thread

Epic isnt selling data.

theyre just a company that got really big from one game and dont know what to do with it now.
so theyre very desperate to get exclusive titles to keep their status up.

bad or good marketing, who cares?



This is getting off topic…

Go here for now.



Likely too early for TRS to say what PC platform(s) they plan on being on. Things like this may also change last minute due to business decisions.

More if they’re using unreal engine.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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I don’t want a launcher that only exists due to predatory practices on children for loot boxes that put them in a position to do this. That’s my personal feeling. I am cool with you liking. Was not attacking you. I just don’t like Epic. Exclusivity sucks. I have watched it for generations on Consoles and it leaves a bad taste. Steam is my preferred platform. I have not bought a single game from EA since Origin came out. I wont buy one on Epic. If its only on Epic I vote with my wallet.



Gamers take their foot of the gas? That’s such a " don’t you have phones comment?".

Don’t attack the people who’s money that the developers want. There is more to that calculation. X money from Epic vs lost sales. I hope they add up. Not saying Back 4 Blood is doing this. I am only inquiring if it will be on steam. I don’t want to get my hopes up for a game I can’t purchase.



Why couldn’t you purchase it if it ends up on epic? And I’m not attacking anyone, for what it is worth. I’m not the one threatening boycotts based on a distribution platform…



Because I refuse to support a launcher that made its money of exploiting kids. I stated that. I am not threatening a boycott. I refuse to buy games on it. I made that decision when Epic launcher came out. Long before exclusive mess started. My question was simply will it be on Steam / GoG. And I have two yellow names come out and be semi hostile to me.



I’m not being hostile, please don’t look for attacks where there are none. However your choices over using epic or not are your own, and it is too early for the developers to either make, or announce, or both, where they will be distributing the game.

I assume if that information is still correct, then maybe this thread has run its course, there’s little else to discuss when only personal preference is at stake. @TheMountainThatRoars?



What do you mean with loot boxes? As far az I’m aware there are no loot boxes in Fortnite unless you’re referring to the llamas in Save The World which they changed now to a point where you can see exactly what’s in the llama. So you know exactly what you’re getting for your vbucks

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Currently the launcher info is TBD, so until it’s released we’ll just have to wait and see. :blush: