What Kraken skin is this? ('The dress' of the monsters)


The name of the skin is different from anything I’ve seen in game, its not even the cosmic skin because itt doesn’t have the sparkles. ITS NOT MAN O WAR BECAUSE MAN O WAR SKIN IS BLUE, I HAVE IT but this one looks different.

I really like it and would like to catch em all because it reminds me of my old nebula skin.

Kraken Man O War Skin looks different in Smart Glass app

It’s been there for a while now.


Yeah, the Man o war skin has been around for a while now. Awesome skin tbh


Isn’t man o war blue?


I think its the dark background throwing you off.


It looks like a mix between the Elite and cosmic TBH, but I’m not really that much into skins (as has become apparent :sweat_smile:)


The dress is Gold… :smiley:


Please don’t…


I have the very blue skin on my game but never seen this light purple one before.
looks like this


Savage - default skin - voodoo (the best for kraken)


Man o war is that cotton candy blue, you are right. Whatever that one is it is not the right name for it. I have pretty much every skin except for a handful lol so I’m the skin master. I’ve never seen that one though, to be fair I haven’t been online/the strore in like a month.
But that’s not the cosmic, or carnivore or savage…I’m not sure?


Wendigo is best Kraken skin, so badass and demonic.


It’s the Man-O-War skin, but the colors or something are messed up so they look more gray-blue and pink instead of light blue and purple. Looks right in-game.

BUT, I’m more interested in this:

Glad you’re getting help lol


I’m a skin Susie too, I bought all the Kraken skins except Carnivore because it doesn’t look cool, which is why I’m baffled by this skin.


& @MaddCow The color looks Lavender to me, not blue or gray ish blue.


inb4 white & Gold aka Blue & black dress dilemma reaches evolve skins


too late mate :wink:


Oh my life, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!


The dodge on the twerking help statement lel.

Guys it’s a super secret Man-o-War skin only for select few


For a second I thought the adaptation had been leaked and then I was all like