What kind of Twitch stream is that? O.o 11K viewers

Anybidy know this streamer ? First time I see such a high numbers of viewers on Evolve O.o

I wish I could get lots of viewers ::stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’m just boring to watch haha.

When exactly are you streaming ? I wanted to watch you but never found you online :smiley:

I stream in the evenings. Generally starting around 7:30 PM MST. I do my coaching with Cow on Thursdays and Saturdays, the other days I generally play Evolve or other games as requested. Monday and Sunday are family nights though. I’m having someone spruce up my channel page so I can post my schedule.

Ah pitty I wont be able to watch you cause its 3am in CET :l

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No idea who they are. But since they have alot of subscribers/followers, it just seems like they’re casually playing Evolve for a while instead of their usual game(s)

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has to be. iv never seen him and thats quite a wallop of viewers.

perks of having a following from other games huh

Pitty he is German, cant understand sh#t and also hate that language

I hope he will attract some people to evolve


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RocketBeansTV is a German 24/7 Twitch channel about games, movies, etc. with in Germany pretty known guys. Prior they had a TV show and so on. They play a lot of games. So yeah, it’s casual game play.