What kind of silly, lore-breaking skins would you like to see?


I think a pikachu skin for Kraken would be F-ing hilarious. A godzilla skin for goliath? A hydralisk skin for the Wraith!

So many possibilities =D


Randy Savage for everyone



Ha, I love Gassymexican


I want an Eternum Wraith skin (reference to Eternum Nocturne in League of Legends)http://i.imgur.com/vexJujl.jpg





Zoidberg Kraken.


Some of these ideas aren’t exactly lore breaking but I’d love to see these kind of things.


Bio-armored Goliath (more of an evolved looking one with natural looking armor)
Predator armor Goliath


Pirate Kraken
Dragon head Kraken
Mage-hat and robe kraken


Idk for this one


Why not zoidberg? lol


None :frowning:



i still want my ash ketchum as trapper


Only really works for Abe and Maggie though


As for the hunters I have quite a few ideas.


Full cyborg
Popeye Markov


Captain Hyde


Yeah…Pokemon master Abe lol
Abe Lincoln


Doctor Laz w/ stethoscope


Super Parnell


Iron Bucket


Behemoth as Gene Simmons
Kraken with top hat and monocle
Goliath in shirt and tie.


Maggie - (-idk-)
Griffin - Steve Irwin ( RIP ;~; )
Abe - Abe Ketchum…

Hank - (-idk-)
Bucket - Bender, the Iron Giant, or Chappie
Cabot - (-idk-)

Marcov - (-idk-)
Hyde - Heavy (TF2)
Parnell - Morgan Freeman

Val - Jill from Resident Evil (Then again, they look pretty much the same)
Lazerus - Medic (TF2) or Nekros (Warframe)
Caira - (-idk-)

Goliath - Togera from War of the Monsters
Kraken - Zoidberg
Wraith - Either a Xenomorph or a Naga.


We thought of some silly skins a while back during Alpha testing and had some threads…My favorites are probably…

Rancor Goliath
Scooby Doo Daisy/Scooby Doo Squad Hunters
Zoidberg Kraken


I can just hear the banshee mines now… WOOBWOOBWOOBWUBWUB


Oh, Oh, I have one for this! I want a Hank Hill VO pack for Hank :laughing:!

“Orbital mining and Orbital mining accessories.”


A big hairy monkey for Goliath, an angel for Kraken and a dragon for Wraith.


None. The answer is none.

That is the only thing that sorta makes up for the fact that the devs aren’t planning any legit re-skins, don’t have to worry about anything silly breaking the continuity of this universe or the experience of it. Not hating though, there are definitely some clever and funny ideas in this thread.


I’d actually like to see a Circus skin for Goliath… He’d look good as a Ringmaster

A tophat on his head and a torn coat and pants… Maybe a boot on one foot with his toes sticking out of the front and his minions where reskinned to different Circus acts like clowns and stiltwalkers… I would lose my shit… :smile: