What kind of person would buy this?

Like seriously, you can unlock them in four games. I could buy some good chicken nuggets with that amount of money.


I have no idea why they would sell that…

ikr… what is wrong with the world?

Whhaaatttt??? I has so much confusion right now…
You pretty much get them day 1 if you play for a little while… not sure why they’re selling stuff everyone already has.


Ok, that actually made me laugh.

Well it is really stupid. I am one of those people. When this came out I already had all the hunters, but I just want to support TRS and I already had all the skins so I got this.

The quesiton I want to know the answer to is what kind of person would SELL this?

things like this really hurt sales. People look at this superficial Shit and dont even give the real game a chance,

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Damnit trs! I sacrafice my forum rep as a understandable guy to defend you yet you go and do THIS???..thats it i cant help. Im sorry but NO @Seanical with the appropiate profile pic :wink:

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I believe because on some stores people unlocked tier 2 instantly, so they wanted to sell them here as well. Weird.

EDIT: Only on PC and PS4 since xbox players had their progress carried over from the beta.

I’m starting to love the round profile pics more and more :grin:. Fits my picture perfectly!

But back on topic. Whhhhhaaaaatttt??? SO MUCH CONFUSION!!!


Some people would rather pay a small amount of money rather than grind through?

But it doesn’t even take that long.

How much was it?

I think it’s £1.99 GBP

Hmm. I suppose 3 USD isn’t so bad. Still…Eh.

I think that’s 2K and not TRS tho.

no you dont you have to buy some to get and some or challenges for like every weekend

When evolve came out because of beta I had all characters except Griffin and Lazmataz soooo I did a bot match of defend with Maggie and val got all 6 of their one stars in that game (fun fact just twitching back and forth behind Daisy counts as follows :stuck_out_tongue: ) so yeah T2 not worth monniez

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Can you buy chicken nuggets with that?