What kind of monster would the devs/Turtle rock want in Evolve?


lots of threads about what kind of monsters people want in Evolve but what monster would the devs like to see in Evolve? if you could just make one right now and put it in the game xD @MacMan @SlabOMeat @Chloe @DamJess #Devtagging :smiley:


I want to see this :smiley:


@MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper

ugh forgot matthew and brandons forum names…

edit: Dont forget @DB_Sinclair!!


Hmmm… What kind of monster would a dev want in Evolve…


no comment.


Where’s Jparty? Forgetting people.


I knew that was a trap. :rage:


Saw through it eh? :blush:


Cheater ;-;


@Matthew XD


Dang… That’s cold blooded


no lie i tried to tag jparty but i think his name is different on here. or hes not on here…


Makes me sad, Evolve itself misses him.


whats wierd is I know he left but why wouldnt he still support and promote it. or play it with a stream? was it a bad bad ending at trs? Im guessing it was since hes nowhere to be found. he obviously had to have been a fan of the game. why wouldnt he be on here at least?


Who knows?


didn’t he work for 2K?


This monster traps you!


he might have. but that doesnt excuse the fact that he loved the game. on the streams he dished out all the correct information almost everytime. while Db had the voice to hype it up. jparty came in with the info to help viewers understand what was goin on.


Yeah you’re right. I enjoyed his input (when db would allow it ;)). I was just pointing out that he didn’t work for TRS (I don’t think).


A giant phallic monster that spews goo at enemies.