What Kind of Monster do you Want to Be?



When I play Evolve I want to be the kind of monster that players don’t see, but know is there watching them. The kind of monster that, when I decide reveal myself, will act so fast that the hunter players will jump and/or poop themselves in surprise.

So community (and devs), what kind of monster do you want to be?


The one where I kill you from within.

Or where you don’t know that I’m already one of you :smile:


i find that i can relate to the embodiment of rage (goliath)




I am now hearing Nostalgia Critic’s song :smiley: “I bleed nightmares” “My ovaries are chainsaws”


I enjoy a sneaky monster, and all of the monsters can be played sneakily so I’m happy with them all, though I might be a little more happy with kraken and possibly wraith


I like a more tanky Monster with lots of disruptions abilities.


Hive tyrant…a perfect blend of Trex and xenomorph…with symbiotic swords and guns.


Personally, I prefer the big, hulking, unavoidable beasts. Something that casts a shadow on puny humans and brings them to their knees with fear. A monster that isn’t afraid to throw its weight around and get in your face when it wants, but doesn’t have to when it doesn’t want to. I am not a fan of stealthy or frail monsters…definitely need bruisers!


This is what I would love to be :triumph:


An assassin. Something that can scare humans through the element of anticipation, then isolate and destroy.

Before Wraith came out, or I even heard of the sneaky leaks about her, I thought a monster with a huge basic attack steroid, an ability to isolate a single hunter to assassinate them, and the ability to deceive and outplay with invisibility would be an awesome monster and it would be the thing I singularly wanted.

Then they released Wraith. With almost exactly the same abilities that I thought would be cool. DREAM COME TRUE. I am now really keen to play her.


I wanna be this !!!




I would like to be Bob.


Where’s the second picture from by chance? Looks cool.


I want be a bruiser Monster. The type of monster that just keeps coming no matter what. Slow but unrelenting. The creeping, unavoidable death by the hands of an unstoppable beast… So kind of looking forward to the fourth monster lmao.


It’s from “The Thing”. Really good horror movie if you haven’t seen it. The first one, by John Carpenter, is a really excellent film. The sequel has a few issues and didn’t live up to it’s predecessor.


This movie is just for you and that description :smiley: Slow and unrelenting. 10 mins long.


Shit I’ve seen the thing too lol… Didn’t remember that though lol


Heh, no worries. Great movie :slight_smile: My friends and I are working on a boardgame with heavy The Thing elements. Similar to Panic Station, Battlestar Galactica, and The Resistance. The hardest part is getting the Paranoia down right.