What Kind of Hunters do you want to see?


I saw that there was a monster version of this.
Didn’t see a hunter version.
So I made one.
What king of hunters do you want to see? Note that this is not another idea thread, this is for things like, I want to see a melee hunter.
Here is one idea I had,
What if there was a medic that is somewhat of a witch doctor? Using herbs (probably drugs) to heal his/her allies.
Also I would like to say that the 4th Assault is likely already either a robot or at least a cyborg.


I’d like to see a medic hunter, a hunter that does support things, a hunter that like traps the monster and stuff and…hmm… an assault hunter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I want to see a long-haired female hunter. Even started the topic but apparently I’m only one who is interested in that :cry:


Haha just playing around man. I’d like to see more of the sci-fi elements - like you said, another cyborg/robot type, or an alien species (though so far nothing in the Lore we know of suggests there are humanoid alien species co-existing with humans).
For a medic I think they could do one with deployables… like, he/she is able to plant one “healing turret” in the map at a time, and any hunter within, say, 20 meters of that turret will get a continuous healing beam like Val’s medgun. Plus would be it could potentially heal all 4 hunters at a time, minus is the short range and that the monster knows exactly will the hunters will be going to get heals, and also the monster can destroy it.


Funny I wanted to say exactly the same as you, lol. Really hope for this kind of medic.


This is an great idea.

New intriguing mechanics for additional hunters.

Also an tough female assault, possible Ava from the Ava Laser Welder thread :wink:


alien/furry humanoid healer who uses ‘‘magic’’ instead of plain out tech, DONT JUDGE ME! WE ALL HAVE DREAMS!! xD


Evolve 2: Magic Unleashed: Fantasy Edition: Deluxe (Now with cat ears)


More female hunters would be nice to bring it back up closer to a 50/50. Female assault would be wicked, as people have mentioned before. In terms of mechanics, I don’t know. I’ve really enjoyed what TRS have been coming up with so I look forward to more :slight_smile:


More female hunters yes please.

Some younger male hunters and some a bit older female hunters would be awesome. Equality in age too


Game shouldnt become 50/50 in terms of the gender, they should make whatever fit the personality and story of the character not just make them female for the sake of making them female. i would definately like to see more female characters since i always make a female whenever i can, but in this type of game gender isnt as important as the personality.


for some reason the tier 4 medic looks like a young male with huge goggles, so i imagine something like a british doctor who character as medic xD


Indeed, they shouldn’t force themselves to make a 50/50 ratio and maybe discard great personalities that happened to be male. But maybe they should explore the realm of great female characters concepts just a tiiiiiny bit more… Just a tiiiiny little bit.


Im pretty sure I saw something like this some time ago but oh well, I want more robits, meatbags keep holding us down.


HK-47 inspired robot from KOTOR, anyone? :slight_smile:


As this is a sci-fi setting there’s no reason not to include more females or keep it near 50/50. It doesn’t affect the mood or feeling of the game in the slightest. I’d love to see more representation.


personality and story > gender

val is the mature woman who is calculated
while caira is more springy and always hyper and interested

while on the other hand
hyde is a sicko who loves killing
and markov is more direct and just want to kill it

again, they shouldnt make females just for the sake of making females. neither should the make males just for the sake of making males.


Nothing you used to describe those characters however requires either gender. I’d personally rather see them take the effort to include more when it’s often a second thought throw in by developers. I’m really impressed with the character design of characters like maggie too.


Unless it’s integral to a character’s story, gender and race (sexuality for that matter) should all be interchangeable and arbitrary.

When your game is 6/12 white male might as well mix it some more.