What kind of gamer are you? (Bartle Test)


What kind of gamer are you? Take this test to find out!
Reply with your results!

Achiever: You like to go out of your way to collect achievements of games, get the best equipment and be different from most people.
Explorer: You prefer games that don’t have a time limit and an open world. You take your time playing a game and play it just for fun and nothing else.
Griefer: You are a natural born killer. You prefer PVP and succeed at it in a high level of play. You are also very competitive and love the thrill of winning.
Socialiser: You are well known in your community and prefer team work instead of self accomplishment. You would rather share the loot rather than take it all.




I guess I’m a nice mix…


I mean, I did lure people into the wilderness in Runescape.


Achiever: 33%
Explorer: 87%
Griefer: 33%
Sozializer: 47%

hmm… I’m not thaat asocial ^^


Your gaming style is
Achiever: 40%
Explorer: 73%
Griefer: 27%
Socializer: 60%



My result was just this

took it second time


#Achiever: 33%
#Explorer: 73%
#Griefer: 33%
#Socializer: 60%

Did I do a good?


Achiever: 60%
Explorer: 40%
Griefer: 33%
Socializer: 67%


In that though outside of evolve my main games been game of war recently which is all cash/numbers and numbers are my thing…


Oh well I like to explore and find new friends


Your gaming style is
Achiever: 27%
Explorer: 87%
Griefer: 27%
Socializer: 60%



Achiever 40%

Explorer 73%

Griefer 33 %

Socializer 53%

This “test” seems pretty crap tbh.

Most of the questions don’t even really relate to one another.
Also i may enjoy both things or none of them, just two choices is also pretty restricting.

And half the questions are circumstantial, depending on the game i’m playing.

Also, apperently liking some pvp here and there immediately makes you a griefer?
I mostly answered questions with prefering solo play and nothing that would strike me as “griefing”, yet i get 33% griefer?


I like how @Alucard_Shadow and @Katt is the only one I have seen to get a greifer score above 33%


It’s simple how the test works.
You want the griefer result? You pick the somewhat jerk and pvp answers. You want adventurer? Anything that mentions explorer. You want achiever? Boasting answers. You want socializer? FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS!

To clarify: I’m not calling those two jerks.



I actually don’t know what a griefer is.