What is your strategy when you up against Sunny


Since her drone is so annoying, jetpack boost save her teammates, and cloak for herself. So how you guys deal with that?


as of this moment, the only answer is fight in a monster favorable area, as in a cave or flat area with no ledges >.> yeah she is still a hard cookie to crumble


Set’s up drone? I leap on that.
Cloak? I BBQ that.
Jetpack hunters? I kill that.
You winning? I stop that!


I kind of just wing it to be honest. :slight_smile: Always worked for me if you use pre-determined techniques. Target-swapping temporarily neuters the shield drone, it’s a glorified paperweight. Jetpack Booster, I’ll just save my traversals. Mininuke? Move as much as possible. Not much I can do against that.

To be honest I’d rather fight a good Hank than a good Sunny.


Hit target that I want to kill, then switch to a decoy target, when shield goes on the second target I burst the kill target and Rockwall/knock the the hunter LoS of the drone. Rinse and repeat until target is dead, then switch to another target.

If I have 35% damage buff though I’ll just muscle through the shield.


Always make sure the 3 point ability is the first thing that hits the hunters. Also occasionally destroy drones placed up high (I know people like to complain about how fast she can replace them but that time climbing might as well be an extra cool down.


Stage one tunel sunny attack, make the player feel so victimised that they’ll be afraid to use any ability that could possibly draw your ire. Then go to stage 2 and win :+1:


That is deliciously evil. I think @MaddCow talked about that in one of his vids- using psychology to your advantage, like engaging where the Hunters had a catastrophic defeat, making them more tentative, etc.


It’s got to be done though :grin: I’ll often pick on anyone that plays a hunter a moderately don’t like playing against, for instance if I’m playing against a laz literally nobody else on their team will take damage until I’ve eaten him!


It works both ways though. I could probably trick a Monster into thinking they can kill me and then have them eat a full barrage, when in fact it will just disengage and down Hank first.


max abduction and max fart blast…

Send a decoy out to toy with them, abduct that little ****, heavy melee that little **** once you successfully abduct her and then proceed to fart in her face. If she is not dead yet, keep meleeing her until she is down.
note if caira is on the team you will not do enough damage to kill a downed hunter as wraith, especially with the two pairing.

If all else fails, try to kill the assault first. A lot of teams don’t protect their assaults very well. ESPECIALLY IF THE ASSAULT IS TORVALD, HE IS JUST SO CRUNCHY!


I’d like to notify anyone who may face me. If you choose Sunny you become my number one target. She’s capable of carrying a team.

You may be a nice person.
You may be a good player.
But I am the mighty Monster.
I will find you.
I will kill you.
Then I’ll eat your corpse.

That is all. Have a good day.


Use your high damage moves first, get the shield on them and retreat for cooldowns. Like for goliath use rock/leap first then use aoe for the rest of the team.

Kraken… well do i need to explain this?

Wraith, warp blast the hunter and just generally relocate well.

Behemoth, land anything one and itll do a lot of damage. So just spray and pray really. Displace hunters, knock sunny away, move them from the shield drone. Block line of sight with rock wall.

Just generally relocated and keep sight broken.


As Kraken:

Vortex the hunters away from the drone, or vortex the group into a wall then use aftershock to score damage on multiple hunters


Abduct the hunters away from the drone, or use warp blast on hunters when they cluster up.


Charge enemies away then leap smash them, rock throw and flame breath into groups.

As Kraken and Goliath you can spread damage pretty well, charge one guy, turn around rock throw another, flame breath. Or vortex one, lightning strike another

Harder to do as wraith

I don’t play enough behemoth to have a strategy for sunny other than rockwall to isolate


The thing about this game is that it is really hard to have pre-set strategies. Most of what I do is on the fly. But here’s how I feel about her;

Her shield drone will let the hunters eat the first attack you throw before shielding them, and it can only shield one person at a time. So aside from the obvious solutins which are;

-Break line of sight from the shield drone.
-Destroy shield drone with an ability.

You could also try to fight the hunters with them grouped up. The shield drone will kick in for sure, but somebody will be taking some heavy damage.

She can be very frustrating to fight against for sure.