What is your personality?



A fun and insightful test a few of us took on Discord a while back. Pretty curious to see what my fellow forumers will get.


Still a Debater, like always.


I’ve always enjoyed these. I get the same result over and over, but the wording on the questions is always interesting.


Usually get something like this most of the time


D: Mine changed, I got Commander last time.


Well, burp, I am the main character in my, in my show. It’s not called ‘Morty and Rick.’ That would be, that would be whack, dawg!!!


This describes me quite well I have many goals and dreams to accomplish and I have a fire inside of me that motivates me.

No one can hurt my feelings and I am confedint in everything I do.

This thing is amazing :+1:


Entertainer. Sounds good.


Would you call yourself a…

MASTER debater?



Nice questions, I got this :slight_smile:


See, I was gonna make that joke, but it felt bone dry.


It doesn’t make sense, I was never one for logic.



Some jokes never get old


Charge your phone. D: It’s gonna be ded.


Eh, that’s an opinion. I hear it all too much.


BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I’m glad you got my joke.




I tell him that all the time! LOL